Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Gazza82, Nov 10, 2007.

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  1. Quality. I liked the 'Who should be next in the war on terror?' section
  2. Even better one bloke said France and was then asked to put a flag to mark it on a world map and he stuck it on Australia
  3. lol
    Yup very clever Americans.
    Also when he asks where KFC Came from :p
  4. Who needs friends??? :rendeer:
  5. Spat my 'lowance all over the monitor.....made my day gazza, very funny :thumright:
  6. Australia ?????????? , what bloody maps do they read .
  7. Thats good hehe

  8. Makes you wonder , kinnell ,
  9. It would appear that all those interviewed are on the same medication as Bush, fekin planks!
  10. It's a good thing they already forgot all about Tony Bliar though. :p

    P.s Is it me or did i see Jarhead make his appearance in that video?
  11. Seen the yank one before, but it still had me giggling and watching in disbelief.

    Thick twats.
  12. Lol...Berlin Wall is in Israel...priceless...too bad he didn't realise the connections..... :thumright:

    Oh and Canada is part of the axis?, they really should stop interviewing Darwin award nominees...I have always said, it should be us that builds the fecking wall on our border....

    We had a Canadian comic (from Newfoundland do a series down in the States) stupendous stuff....(and scary)

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