Americans: the NHS and Prof Hawking not being English

Not sure if anyone has heard but apparentally Stephen Hawking isn't English...and if he was he'd have died on the NHS because the "National Health Service would say the life of this brilliant man, because of his physical handicaps, is essentially worthless."

Whilst I think anyone with an education can agree that the NHS is a thousand times worst than France's or Norways healthcare system....I think we also agree the NHS is a million times better than the barbaric crap people in the US have to go through.

Anyway republicans are defending their current health system as it lines their pockets so they've gave our health care system a bashing.

The thing that seems nuts some Americans are defending their health care system!!
Which, incidentally, is ranked 36 (2nd world countries do a better job) according to the WHO (world health organisation.) The republicans are also banging on about how we "ration healthcare and let people die on waiting lists."
Every country rations healthcare otherwise 100% GDP would go to healthcare and we would have nothing for education, scientific research, military etc.

Incidentally the US spends 16% GDP on healthcare whilst the UK spends 8% and does a far better job.


Lantern Swinger
See a Irishman has jumped on the bandwagon and had a go at the NHS! Ladies and Gents I give you the gobshite known as: Daniel Hannan MSP!! This cnut is not even British! He's a Peru born Irishman!! FFS Cameron get a grip on these pricks in your party!!

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