Americans Prefer Not to Know

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Nutty, Apr 20, 2007.

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  1. An article from todays Sydney Morning Herald make uncomfortable reading for folk over the Pond.


  2. Bless 'em, they've always been somewhat "insular" IMO
  3. lol the thing i find funny is that he moans about how the internet is filling them with crap, so why post it on the net? why not publish a longer rant in a book? isn't that the yanks favorite past time lol anyway thats my two cents
  4. Althalus

    It was published in the Sydney Morning Herald, a news paper that prints words with ink onto paper. All newspapers now put their product on the Internet where I read it and offered it to this forum. So you are wrong to say HE published it on the internet.

  5. "Why are Americans so uninterested in world events, in serious concerns?" Doh! Its not the TV and Internet - they haven't been around two hundred years have they?

    The question is why must Americans be interested in World events?

    If we lived in a country the size of Europe which has all the recreational facilities you could ever need and all the opportunities for materialism anyone could desire. Would we be all that interested in the rest of the world - unless our fellow citizens were dying in it? There is nothing wrong with being insular - especially if you dont need to be anything else. We shoudn't judge others by our standards, there is no proof that our standards are better - except that we intrinsically believe they are............
  6. So he (Althalus) can blame YOU for putting it on the internet then Nutty??? :lol: :lol:
  7. They are certainly not inward looking when it comes to poking their snoring horns into other peoples business and then making a right pig’s ear of it.
  8. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I quiet like our American cousins...OK some are bad but you get that in any country. It has already been stated that they live in a huge country and have no real need to "look outside" it.

    Most of that article was a rant at American gun culture, your going to get nutters anywhere..Dunblane, Hungerford etc, I know we'll take the moral high ground and say "ah yes, we know about the evil of guns so have banned them accordingly", well I'm sorry no-where in the 2nd? ammendment does it say "you have the right to murder people indiscriminatly".

    Anyway, in what ever country be it UK or USA if your a nutter and you want a firearm they're easy enough to get hold off, gun laws or not.
  9. "Guilty as charged Me-Lud. do you wish to hear my plea of mitgation now"

  10. In the article he asks if armed with a knife how many could he murder?
    Lots and lots is the answer. Most people cannot believe what is happening so go with the flow in the hope of surviving. if you get a nutter armed only with a knife in a room MOST people will do what he says even as those around them are having their throats cut or are being stabbed throught he heart, something in their minds fails to believe what is happening around them. Their minds freeze with terror.

    Can we please cut out the yank bashing that seems to be endemic nowadays. I for one have a lot of time for the yanks. They are basically VERY decent people.
  11. As a Yank and a Navy Veteran, I must say I'm surprised we are despised so much by you folks. Yea, the 2nd amendment to our Constitution does guarantee our right to buy and possess firearms. Sorry it angers you so. (Not really) Yea, we make mistakes. Yea, our politicians are for the most part a bunch of nitwits. I'm sorry that upsets you. (Not really) Yea, a lot of us only care about what is happening here and no where else. I hate that fact appears to cause you indigestion. (Not really) I only joined Rum Ration 6 days ago but I have already come to the conclusion that Europe and Great Britain look on America that same way many Americans look at their local Fire Department. Just a bunch of lazy do nothings who don't care a wit about anything outside the fire station. A waste of the honest taxpayers money. Until you house is on fire. Then you are damn glad we are there. And next time you see flames and your lives & property are in danger, make two calls. One to us and the other to the EU in Brussels. See who shows up first. So bash away my friends! We can take it.

  12. Good. Take some more; it is your double-standards that amaze me. Prior to 9/11 the biggest death toll in a terrorist attack in the Americas was the bombing of Air Cubana Flight 455 in 1976. Seventy three people dead. Most of them teenagers. The bombing was carried out by Orlando Bosch and Luis Posada Carriles. These two were also responsible for the assassination by car-bomb of the former Chilean diplomat Orlando Letelier in Washington DC [plus an innocent American bystander] and an attack on a Polish ship using a 57mm recoiless rifle.

    Many countries seek the extradition of these two terrorists but both are protected and free and live in the USA. Bosch was described by the Department of Defense as "one of the most deadly terrorists working within the hemisphere" yet Bush gave him a Presidential Pardon in 1990 in order to secure the Cuban vote in Florida for his son Jeb.

    Luis Cariles was freed on bail in Miami yesterday. He had been arrested after entering the USA illegallly and using a false identity. No further charges seem likely and the USA is blocking any extradition to answer for his crimes. Both of these 'gentlemen' have close links to the CIA and Bosch was instrumental in providing the Ayatollahs with weapons during the Reagan presidency.

    And yet the USA sees fit to kidnap and torture suspects around the world, many of them innocent of any crime whilst protecting real terrorists on it's own soil.

    I am like a lot of British; I don't really equate you Americans to firemen who I might one day need to call out in an emergency. You are more like spoiled and wilful children wandering the world with a box of matches and a can of gasoline.

  13. no disrespect fella but i thought thats what all govenments are like
  14. And next time you see flames and your lives & property are in danger, make two calls. One to us and the other to the EU in Brussels. See who shows up first. So bash away my friends! We can take it.
    Probably neither,unless there was profit to be made...then the Yanks would show up....eventually.We know we can rely on the Yanks to take the cash,take all our credit and then show up at the end to claim the glory.We are on our own again,just like 1914,1939,1949,1956,1969,1982 etc.
  15. Like in Britain, there is much to criticise about the USA.

    But... unlike Europe they are prepared to spend on defence, while us Europeans are just prepared to moan about the US, while being reliant on them for security. Their fault? Or ours? I think it is ours.

    Many Brits love America. But about 99% of us loathe Bush. We would like to see you elect a truly great leader, one that the world can look up to, not down to. A lot of anti-Americanism is really anti-Bushism.

    Grape Shot, don't worry about the language on here. What you might see as Anti-Americanism is largely just the typical British sense of humour of "piss taking." The Americans get more of it because there are more of you! I hope you accept it well and we look forward to your posts.

    (Edited for bad spelling due to tiredness, hasty typing and dyslexia!!)
  16. For crying out loud, another America is shit thread. Our Cousins although similar to us are in the end are as different as any other nation on this planet. I found the Americans outstandingly welcome and friendly, and this isnt just for the tourist dollar. Yes many are naive to cultures outside their vast country but does that make them bad people. Americans have the same social problems as us, but being in the states they are naturally bigger. To have a go about American hypocrisy in terrorism one can only look at our governments pandering to the IRA in the last 10 years.
    Ask yourself where would you rather live, London or Washington?
  17. Anyone who has visited Stateside in a Royal Navy ship can vouch for the fantastic hospitality received wherever they go. The local newspapers are always full of welcoming headlines, invitations to events, special discounts and offers of free entry to local hostelries and other facilities, not to mention all the private offers of 'up-homers' or days out.

    Contrast this with US Navy visits to the UK where the headlines usually concentrate on what this means for the local economy e.g. "The Fleet's In - Local Businesses Rub Their Hands with Glee" or "The Cash Registers will be Ringing in Portsmouth/Plymouth this Weekend." Apart from the usual influx of prossies, who else welcomes them? No wonder the Yanks usually head for the Smoke. Don't blame 'em.
  18. I think you are making a mistake in that that many U.S. citizens ( I don't use Americans as that covers an entire continent) do not want a strong leader; instead they want strong systems to prevent strong leaders, and to let business carry on with running the country.
  19. NG I think you're dead right there mate. I do feel sorry for US Servicemen that come to Guzz because I know that they are going to be ripped off and treated badly to boot.
  20. Do you mean you would rather live in Washington than London? If so have you ever been there?
    Aside from a very few historic buildings and some well to do ghettos it is dreadful.
    Within a mile or so of the White House you will see poverty beyond belief.
    If I am wrong forgive me but having experienced both cities I can certainly say which one I would prefer.
    All the best

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