Americans off the Sunni Sh*t List?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by BootneckYank, Jan 15, 2007.

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  1. Found this article to be somewhat interesting.
    It appears (for the Sunnis anyway) that the Jihad against the US occupation is over, and is now squarely on the Shia.
    They even say they would be willing to talk to us, providing we help them fight the Shia.
    Problematic at best, since we're largely responsible for the current Gov over there.
    So what does everybody think? Possible solution, or guaranteed sh*tstorm?Guardian
  2. Do I trust a pitbull or a Tosa Inu dog? Neither, I keep them caged because they are born and bred to fight, they can be controlled to a certain extent by a strong master but let them off the lead and they will kill each other.
  3. Could also be seen as taking sides with the weaker side in a civil war...
  4. "The jihad is now against the Shias, not the Americans..."

    So what are they saying, God got it wrong and is very sorry to the USA but they're pretty sure they're fighting the right people now? The mind boggles....
  5. I saw that article too BY. As the Sunna have devoted so much effort in killing the Allies I see no good reason to save their skins - they will always represent a minority over the Shia in any event so in practical terms, having repressed the Shia for so long, they must take the consequences. They are not children after all. Aside from that we would simply be defending Al Q's natural well of supporters, who are all Sunna. I personally think Iraq, which is an artifical state in any event, should split up into its constituent communities. I think the ideal of unity is a pipe dream and amongst other things is not in the best interests of the minorities. In any nation, as we see in the democratic West, minorities tend to face marginilasation and can too easily become scapegoats for the majority in times of hardship or in any event face repression from the majority. The Kurds would do well to learn the lessons of history rather than engaging in wishful thinking! If it comes to the crunch, the West will abandon them, in favour of the more powerful (and oil rich) neighbour.
  6. Iraq governed by a Sunni minority was always the great regional counter-balance to Iran. George Herbert Bush realised this and to his great credit he suffered many slings and arrows for his decision to limit Gulf War I to the UN Mandate.

    The West is now faced with a Shia dominated Iraqi government effectively controlled from Tehran. The prospect of a Shi'ite crescent arcing from the borders of Pakistan almost to the Mediterranean is now imminent. This may be worrying for the West but it is absolutely terrifying for the Sunni monarchies in the area.

    Saudi Arabia with a Sunni monarchy and an 85% Sunni population is positioning itself to intervene in Iraq on behalf of the Iraqi Sunni with the tacit support of other regional powers like Kuwait and Bahrain who have Sunni rulers but substantial Shia minorities. The USA is caught between a rock and a hard place; support and protect the Iraqi Sunni or risk a wider conflagration.

    The situation is a classic example of blow-back.

  7. Whoever thought that the game of ukkers would have such consequences...

    But seriously it is a serious current and future worry.
  8. If Iraq is to be split into 3 parts, Shia, Sunni, Kurd, who gets the bit with the oil in it?

    And do you think it would make the other two factions any happier?
  9. Surely that will be the USA?

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