American tv is taking over!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by brazenhussy, May 16, 2007.

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  1. All I ever see is shows like Shark, Grey's Anatomy, House, CSI (all 4 million of them!!), Lost, 24 being talked about everywhere.

    Where have all the good British series gone?

    We may not have the budgets, but we have the talent, so I'd like to see MORE shows like Life on Mars - the ONLY good thing that's been on TV this year!

    Am i wrong? Are there any other GOOD QUALITY shows I'm missing?
  2. here you go B, just a coupe for you

    Dr Who
  3. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Blue Peter.....that asian bird is well fit.
  4. Life On Mars, that was good.
  5. Good Shows ? Talent ? -- Deadenders , Corrie, Holby City ? I doubt one of these counts as interesting, they all seem to experience everything that life gives out - not bad for a street with 20 houses and a pub !

    As for where all the good Brit series have gone, the budgets were there in the case of the BBC tax, but has probably gone into the bank accounts of those TV exec lefties in the company, or being spent on their jollies abroad to buy all the US series :p

    Just give a me a good Western,Space, Baddie/Goodie cop and I'm happy..... or so my OH says, and who am I to disagree :roll:

  6. I still watch The Bill sometimes!
  7. The Bill used to be good in the days of Bob Cryer et al (1st/2nd series) as it seemed to be realistic, but it too became a toy for those with the pc wild imaginings.
    Even the bobbies I know say that it's not what it is supposed to be.

    I will sometimes watch the old shows on Sky, where you can see the wobbly scenery etc, and as for Dr Who in B&W or plastic monsters a la Tom Baker ----- it's great fun !!

  8. Lets not forget....

    Casualty - in Holby
    Holby City - in Holby
    Holby Blues - in Holby

    Everyone knows that if your on Eastenders, when you finish you do a stint on the Bill or it now appears the new Holby Blues

    We need some good comedies - I do not count Catherine Tate or Little F'ing Britain as comedy as they are based around a few catch phrases and little else.

    Porridge, Open All Hours, The Good Life, Dads Army - Classic British Sitcom that would not get made these days as no violence or swearing etc....
  9. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I've watched the first couple of episodes of Holby Blue, not bad as these things go, at least they have a couple of decent characters in it and some top tottie
  10. The first episode of Holby Blue was quite good.

    Spooks isnt a bad series too - particularly as they take real events (such as the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes) and incorporate a similar senario into the storyline.

    Whats wrong with you people anyway - dont you like X Factor & Big Brother? 8O 8O 8O I'll get my coat. :D
  11. Well I nearly pissed myself watching my family last night, and I rarely do that with what passes for humour from across the pond.
  12. I still cannot believe the hold that shite like Neighbours and Home and Away has in the UK. When at Cambridge in 88 I was amazed that the entire Senior Rates mess would come to a halt at 1730 or whatever to watch this stuff.

    After being quizzed by messmates for a clue about future storylines, I had to tell them that Neighbours had ceased production and the final episode had the entire cast killed in a bus crash. I managed to keep a straight face for several days about this :)
  13. What about Blackadder?? Can't wait for Tony Robinson and his time team to dig up Baldrick's bones :D :D 8)
  14. Allo,Allo. Morecombe and Wise, Saturday Night at the Palladium, The Good Old Days,The Black and white Minstrel Show and Val Doonigan to name but a few.
    Got to go,time Matron gave me my pills.
  15. Hustle and New Tricks are both quite entertaining, there is also a new(ish) comedy on fairly late called Not Going Out which is very amusing. The new Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse sketch show is beginning to show promise after a shakey start, though that could be because I am getting used the the characters, (I especially like the guy who runs the art gallery) and, of course, Top Gear is the highlight of the week. Low points include the F-word and any celebrity cooking show, anything to do with cleaning someones house because the are too effing crabby to do it themselves (what is that about and why does some Crispin/Quintin type think it is entertaining!!!) and anything to do with tat passed off as antiques and bought/sold in some regional auction room/car boot sale, standfast Antiques Roadshow from that comment.
  16. Concur there! When I wasn't living here, I used to be desparate for Inspector Morse, Taggert, Silent Witness, Cracker...quality. However when I did start living here, seemingly, not only do I need to pay for a TV license, I have to ring and vote for a chav on Big Brother??? Or some other wannabee??

    So yes American TV wins for me-especially Grey's Anatomy...ahh McDreamy...
  17. The licence is to pay for the TV execs jollies and fat paychex, and the telephone vote is to pay for their egos, not to forget lots of dosh to the House company, and some of the "celebs" in the house - an NO I do not watch it, but the OHs sister does - poor misguided thing.... :cry:

    You don't ring and vote, do you ??

  18. I never ring and vote and admit it WM???? :)
  19. Just as well you work in a hospital Pinta - it means that the men in white coats wont have far to walk when they come get you!!

    I assume you have been diagnosed with a case of HAVEYOULOSTYOURFERKINGMIND?? 8O

    Voting for Big bother indeed. Tsk, tsk!!

    Only Fools and Horses - the greatest British show of all time!!

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