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american officer at UK charity function


I'm an American naval officer attending a charity function with my fiancee, a Brit, in July in the UK. The event is black tie. I plan to wear mess dress defined as Dinner Dress Blue Jacket for us without any medals. Am I making the right choice? We would normally wear a white jacket for a summer function, but I'm thinking that you guys typically don't wear whites in the UK. We would also wear the medals, but I'm thinking for a civilian function such would be a bit to much. Thanks for any advice.


There is no hard and fast rule. For RN events, they usually state if a white mess jacket is allowed (only usually for a summer ball in the UK), also at a ball you wear white waistcoat (mess dress 2As), for any other function black waistcoat or cummerbund (mess undress 2Bs) .
For a civillian event, stated black tie, I would wear a black jacket, bright cummerbund with medals. Surely for you shipmate, white or black jacket, as look as it looked smart. But I would think anyone else going in mess dress would wear a black jacket.


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Ditto all above.

However, bear in mind that your summer is probably about 15 Deg C above ours!

Is your mess kit tight, or can you fit arctic thermal under it?


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I'm sure someone currently in the know will come along and let you know the protocol if there is one, meanwhile have a scan through these and see if something catches your eye :dwarf:

White Uniforms

Blue Uniforms

There are guidance notes below each column.


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As you rightly say White Uniforms aren't worn in the UK, so I would say go in Blue Jacket, normally this would be worn with medals (miniatures) by RN Officers.


Full whites arent worn in this country, HOWEVER, as I stated earlier, a white mess jacket may be worn (in the UK) in summer at the descretion of the XO/The CDR or CO. Clearly there in the BR shipmate.


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Blood said:
Full whites arent worn in this country, HOWEVER, as I stated earlier, a white mess jacket may be worn (in the UK) in summer at the descretion of the XO/The CDR or CO. Clearly there in the BR shipmate.

Yes, so what I should have said whites aren't routinely worn, so in trying to advise our American friend I was making the statement that I think his Blue Jacket would be most appropriate. The BR does allow it, but it's not really relevant to the question of what to wear to a civilian function.


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Hmm, THIS is definitely a good career move... :wink: :twisted:

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