American Indian on RN WW1 submarine

Yes, I know it should be 'Native American', but I wanted people to look.

I was talking to a friend today and he knows someone who says his Grandfather (maybe Gt Grandfather) was a Native American who got into a spot of bother in the States and so ran off to Canada. From there he came across the pond at some stage and seemingly joined the RN at the start of WW1, ending up in the Submarine Service.

Purely out of interest, has anyone ever heard of this or is there any way of investigating this tale? Personally, I couldn't care less, but it sounds the basis of a very good dit!


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SB you could try George at the SM Museum he has access to the records and it might be something that he has come across
HMS Totem. Sold to the Israeli Navy. Lost on transit to Israel. Reckoned because the mascot, the Boats mascot,a small Totem pole was left at Dolphin.
That would have been Leading Stoker Kim O'Sabbey wo was on HMS WIGWAM, the first British boat to go round Cape Big Horn in 1915. I knew one of his ancestors, Dances with kit bags, who was a Committee member in the Neptune Club in Faslane back in the 70's.
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It was a bad speaking Northerner, when asked where he lived he said Wigan but jack three sheets to the wind on CSB thought he said Wigwam and there it was a Red Indian submariner was born?
Never let the truth get in the way of a dit.

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