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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Nov 8, 2006.

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  1. Seeing the results now coming in for the American elections.
    What do you think the American voter it attempting to tell George Bush?
    This is Diamond Lills so remember anything goes
  2. I see they've voted their first Muslim into the House of Representatives. He's called Keith.

    Do you think your typical worldly-wise septic would have voted for him if he was called Yusef or Ibrahim?
  3. It depends on which State. In some of the communities I've passed through in Central Florida or Arkansas (where they think Dukes of Hazzard was a documentary), all written stuff looks the same, since none of them can read.

    You could probably call yourself "Osama" or "Die, Satanic Infidels" and they wouldn't twig.
  4. You never know, shakey 'ol sport.
    The way things are going now, the next President very well could be a black man named Barack Obama.
  5. Didn't someone once forecast that the world would come to an end when a black man becomes President of the USA? Mind you, I think he was wearing a sheet on his head so it probably isn't true.

  6. Hilarious that you should mention that!
    Some of those selfsame sheet-on-the-head, right-wing christian fundies are claiming that Obama might just be the antichrist :roll:
    The charismatic leader with ideas to lead us out of the dark, who turns into Dr Evil. Just like the "Left Behind" books predict!
  7. Always wanted a black guy for president of the USA.
    My choice though was Colin Powell. One of the most sensible leaders ever to come out of the states.
  8. BNY

    I think I seen him on TV recently. He actually came accross very well, alhough he did look young!!

    I cant see him stepping up to the mark for 2008, but perhaps Presidential candidate for the next Elections?

  9. You could be right, Spenny. But stranger things have happened.
    His popularity is soaring all across the board, and his message is a good one.
    There are two ways to control a population: Through hope, and through fear. We've had enough of Bushbaby and the GOP preaching fear, and Obama offers hope.

    Here's the man himself:
    Barack Obama
  10. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    That nice Mrs Clinton is being touted as the next President
  11. If she can't satisfy her husband how is she going to satisfy the American Nation?
  12. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I think its a bit unrealistic to expect her to satisfy them all, perhaps she could manage those that don't want head
  13. ....and Ms Lewinsky could manage the ones that do!! :wink:

  14. BNY

    I think that would be a great thing mate - perhaps just what the American people need, especially as Bush still has time to make some more monumental fcuk ups!!
  15. Monica Lewisnsky? Blow me!!!!!
  16. I agree. a sensible straight talking bloke who's, arguably, almost British. OK, his parents emigrated from Jamaica 17 years before he was born but that's a minor detail. His parent could also pronounce his name properly!

    It would also be good for them to have a "Chief of Staff" who's actually done a bit.
  17. Nutty

    Thought you might approve mate!! A wee bit of horizontal yomping with her wouldnt be bad either.



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