American Airbases Being Closed!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by FAAFLYNAVY, Jan 8, 2015.

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  1. With the breaking news that the USAF are closing most of the UK bases "although this has been common knowledge in the area for some time" is this the sign that the Americans are now pulling up the drawbridge & going into fortress America mode? & have no intention of carrying on trying to be the worlds policeman/peacekeepers?

    With the election looming & it's looking more like another coalition on the cards + the SDSR 2015/2020 in view the UK will soon have to make up it's mind where it's true allegiance lays.

    We won't be big enough to stand alone, so it's either with the EU or US & I'm wondering if the US is now trying to link up more with the mainland EU as it will have a much larger military to call on if required.

    Just a thought!
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  2. Well, and so the UK is not the only one cutting its defence. Why no one here asking for US foreign aid to be cut?
  3. I read they are moving the tankers to Germany. Is this a suck up to Merkle or a precursor to the uk leaving the EU?
  4. On the upside, prolly means some USAF detachments to crab bases, they like to keep a footprint for rapid deployment without actually owning and operating the whole thing.
  5. Firstly, who in the blue hell are the AAF?

    Secondly, the USAF isn't shutting up shop. This is as a result of a financial review of where money can be saved. For what they have, the USAF is spread thin in the UK and it's more cost effective to be a bit smarter about how things are done. There is a new facility at Croughton which the geeks will be moving to.

    It's simply a reshuffle and other than the loss of jobs isn't really that newsworthy.
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  6. You know MLP, the USAAF, out of that one fillum, from WWII. Finally got their demob papers... (ok, ok I'll get me coat...)
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  7. I trust you are not mistaking "much larger" for "more effective"? ;)
  8. RAF Alconbury is a few miles from me and has just been an accommodation base for years. The airfield is being developed into a massive housing and industrial estate with a new train station on the Kings Cross line (Alconbury Weald).

    Mildenhall is a stones throw from Lakenheath, I could never understand why they had two bases so close. The USAF F35 are going there and will not be to far from Marham.

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  9. Spare runway for emergencies, Lynham had Wroughton
  10. East anglia is full of runways

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  11. They don't need it. It is, and still will be a single type Air Station with a relatively small flight line.
  12. I was wondering that, I know AAF changed his name back to Stirlin but I didn't realise he had the power to shut bases down :eek:
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  13. The 'other' AAF.

  14. Hooray!
  15. Depending on the month, the US is either trying to move its European forces vaguely eastwards to back up its anti-Russian expansion policy - OR - it is trying to run down its European forces to expand its forces in the Middle East and Pacific.

    Basically, the US hawks keep changing their minds over which particular threat pubicised by the right-wing press they are going to prioritise. The USAF SEEMS to be concentrating on Germany as its main base area for "Europe".

    WE SHOULD NOT LAUGH - we've had to ask for help AGAIN because of a possible Russian submarine off Scotland.

  16. No, I'll stick with much larger, I'm not convinced it would/will be more effective.

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