Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by K640, Oct 12, 2010.

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  1. Inspired by Guzzler's thread about regrest I thought I'd start a (hopefully) more upbeat one about ambitions.

    My main ones are as follows:

    -Make it throught the winter in La Plagne without killing or severely injuring myself.
    -Join the RN and spend my first few years in the mob whoring my way round the world (or as much of it as I'm likely to see in boats), before settling down with a suitably stunning, intelligent and witty young lady.
    -After a long and succesful career culminating in a position as WEO leave the RN and get an job in Germany (preferably in Bavaria) and enjoy the local beer and proximity to the Alps.
    -Retire to the south of Bavaria and live a life of leisure interspersed with trips around Europe.
  2. Ambition.... to roll a tickler with one hand ! :wink:
  3. Make it to raleigh before I am 34 pass out and complete all training. Get a draft on a frigate or RFA in the carribean working on lynx/merlin.

    Tour the world with the RN get some qualifications which will help when I am too old to carry on.

    Own a 630BHP Mustang in yellow with black stripes down the middle.

    Have a daughter then exchange her for a lad at twelve.

    Get a german shepard

    live by the sea

    learn to speak another language possibly spanish or french.

    Get my motorbike licence and a Ducati 1198 in white

    Get a small pleasure\day trip boat to take me and the dog on cruises around the channel and do some fishing.
  4. Thinking big then Flagdeck? :D
  5. My plans for this year was as follows

    PEDA- Checked
    First time buyer- Will be in a few weeks
    Getting engaged- Let you guys know at Christmas time.

    Not to sure next year, but the big one for me would be concentraing on divers then go from there, maybe kids after that ??.
  6. Daffy, congratulations on the 1st and good luck with the other 2 :thumbright:
  7. good luck I am engaged at the moment nice girl sh1t parents. Although I still did ask her dad first. After years of rubbing it in they are much richer than me and my family they are refusing to give any money towards the wedding 8O They seem to be all show if you ask me. Anyway never mind I hope yours is smoother.
  8. Ambitions for the rest of 2010:

    Father a healthy child.

    My ambitions for 2011:

    Move to a big fcuk off house in the Country.
    Grow and farm my own food.
    Get a dog that resembles a wolf.
    Set up my own gunsmithing business.
    Join my local mountain rescue team.

    Long term ambitions:

    Create a second child to go with the one on the way.
    Build a kit car for myself.
    Build a miniature kit car for my sprogs.
    Get a small boat for sailing on the Lakes.
    Get a canoe or kayak for the rivers.
    Learn to fly fish.

    My ultimate ambition:

    Build a boat.
    Fit a jet engine to the boat.
    Break the World unlimited water speed record (currently 317mph) in said boat.
    Become BBC sports personality of the year in light of above.
  9. Easy :wink:
  10. I admire the cut of your jib sir.I hope you realise most if not all of them.
    As for the kit car have a look at this
    L'il barstard as James Dean called it
  11. I think my only ambition now (given my own health and my family history) is to grow old enough to retire and enjoy watching my grandchildren grow up. :)
  12. To live long enough to see the sprogs joining the RN today posting on RR in 30 years time saying how much better they were and harder it was in the navy when they joined :p
  13. Another 30 years!That will do me :D
  14. Might I suggest you look up the Caucasian Shepherd;

    My top list for this year/the beginning of next year is to get into BRNC after passing my SIFT and AIB, pass that training phase and then onto my WEO role by the middle of 2012.

    At some point I would like a house, family and ariel atom (and a mustang, good choice Merlin), but not in that order :p.
    I also in the next year or so want to do the costa rica coast to coast adventure race (after doing the alcatraz triathlon), but you need quite a bit of money to get into that.
  15. Cheers shippers! I reckon I've got most of it weighed off except the water speed record. Always loved the 550, unfortunately I'm a lanky twat and would look a bit silly in one. I love the look of old 1950s racers. I fancy building a bike engined Fisher Fury but with a custom aluminium body. Something unique that goes like the Fury (0-60 in under 4 seconds!) but looks elegant, like a cross between a Ferrari 250 TR and a Jag C type.
  16. I like the sound of that! You may be surprised on the room in some of the old motors.I'm over 6' and there is plenty leg room in my SP although I've never tried a 550.
    If you ever get round to it make sure we see the pics
  17. The dog I hope you mean Maam :wink:

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