Ambiguous upper age limit?


I made a post a couple of months ago regarding the upper age limit for entry into certain engineering specialisations.

Initially I had my heart set on AET, but I am also keen on WE. Using the role finder within the careers section of the RN site, I enter my age, which returns both AET & WE as options to me. Further reading on eligibility within these specialisations do not specify an upper age limit at the point of applying, just that one needs to be under 37 when beginning basic training.

I am 34 (06/10/82) and I have attempted to register my interest to apply, however I immediately get an automated email response denying me to further my application because I am outside the required age limit.

Please can someone with rock solid information on this confirm or deny I am actually too old, or is the automated system incorrect?


Agreed Polto. I attempted to contact my local AFCO but it was closed. Hence why I turned to this forum in the event someone might be able to offer me some information in the meantime. If I don't hear anything on here over the weekend, then i'll phone on Monday morning.



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Yep, the RN website states generic age parameters relating to the ages you can join the Navy as a rating, the upper age for some branches, such as aircrew, diver, AET, ET(ME) and ET(WE) is less than 37.

Max age upon entry for AET, ET(ME) & ET(WE) is up to and including your 34th birthday unfortunately, hence the reason it will not accept your application.

I've just had a look at the website and can understand the confusion as it is ambiguously worded. I'll give some feedback on your behalf.

There is a number to ring on the website which is manned 7 days a week from 0900 to 2000; 03456 07 55 55. AFCOs are generally only open mon-fri 0830-1630.


Thankyou kind ninja sir! Re: the navy website, I noticed it has seen some renovation, but it still could do with improvements. I used to work within user experience, website design and development so I have a great deal of knowledge on that front.

The crazy thing is that eligibility for ME is clear on the wording of 34. However for both AET and WE the wording leaves a lot to be desired. I really appreciate that you'll pass on some feedback, as I'm sure I'm not the only one that has encountered this confusion.

So I assume that is it for me now - I'm 'too old'!? I'm not really sure if that stands true with every other specialisation, but I'm almost certain it limits my options to not a lot and/or of little interest to me.

If there are still roles open for this old timer, maybe it would still be worth a chat with the afco? Shame the website couldn't be more transparent about this, I could have saved you all the bother!

Thankyou, I do appreciate that you've taken the time to give me an informative reply.
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