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Discussion in 'History' started by Nippit, Jan 4, 2017.

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  1. The French started it with their Legion d'Honneur for surviving D Day veterans and the Koreans have followed up with their Ambassador for Peace Award. The Korean Government have also offered my wife and me an all-expenses paid week's holiday. Twelve hours flying is a bit too much for us so we've had to turn it down. It took me 5 weeks to get out there originally on the Dilwara.
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  2. Is there a point?
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  3. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Daps. Nippit is 81 I suspect he fought in the Korean war and has been offerred the holiday in recognition of his service.
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  4. I get that, but I couldn't see the point of his post. Was it just to say that he's been offered a free holiday, but can't go? Or that he's a Korea veteran?
    I guess @superpom has an insight that I don't.
  5. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I'm thinking both.
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  6. None other than the Government of the Republic of Korea is displaying much more goodwill than you are seemingly capable of.
  7. I've plenty of goodwill @Nippit , just not much telepathy. :)
  8. Think we have a Korean veteran in our RNA branch, do you have to apply?
  9. Someone must have done it for me but contact the Embassy in London asking for the Defence Attache Captain Seungeon Ji.
    Providing your RNA Branch man has been awarded the UN Korea Medal he will qualify. If he has just the British Korea Medal (Merchant Service or similar) he won't.
    They are the most courteous of people.
  10. Our RBL president is a Korean War veteran (RAMC, UK version of MASH when he was there).

    He had an all expenses trip back there not long ago, courtesy of the Korean government. Said he was treated with great respect by all.
  12. Nippit, I was in Korea in the 70s on deployment and loved it. In the spirit of being exRN, I'll be happy to pay for the name change on the tickets..........
  13. It's a great shame life is not that simple. I can quite understand you loved it there. Even during that dreadful war the South Koreans were as open and good natured as the North Koreans were ghastly. Nothing has changed to this day. My wife says the reason I got the Award was not due to my RN service but because we own a Hyundai car. Our third.
  14. I liked the capital. Indeed, most impressed. Ah, Seoul!

    OK so far, but if you continued "...rules the Navy", you were unlikely to be invited back......
  15. Thank you for your kind support. I wish it was 81 but, sadly, it's 86. The medals shown are mine Artistically rendered into an Avatar by my Granddaughter, Emily
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  16. Nippit as an old service man and new poster welcome. Don't worry about Daps he is a grumpy old Chef, someone has probably added ham and egg to his Welsh rare bit and called it Cheesy-hammy-eggy when it should be Welsh rare bit with Ham and egg?:p:D
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  17. No offence taken. From what I remember Chefs had rather a lot to be grumpy about. Preparing food from not the best of ingredients in often the most dreadful of weather conditions in galleys that were so cramped it surprised me more didn't suffer first degree burns. Yes I know their food often did, but that was to be expected.
  18. Roll of Honour
    The Korean War 1950 to 1953
    Royal Navy

    Ldg Stoker Mechanic J W Addison
    Lieutenant R E Barrett
    Sub-Lieutenant M J Beardsall
    Lieutenant A Beaven
    Sub-Lieutenant R D Bradley
    Able Seaman J Bravington
    PO Airman V V Colman
    Able Seaman M J Comfort
    Lieutenant G H Cooles
    Lieutenant A P Daniels
    Sub-Lieutenant R G A Davey
    Lieut-Commander D A Dick
    Aircrewman 1st Class L M Edwards
    Lieutenant A J D Evans
    Sick Berth Attendant A Findlay
    Lieutenant P G Fogden
    Pilot 3rd Class S W E Ford
    Signalman G C Gates
    Ordinary Seaman R A J Godsall
    Leading Steward J S Goldstraw
    Able Seaman A B F Greenwood
    Naval Airman 1st Class R F Herbert
    Lieutenant R C Hunter
    Lieutenant R N Jones
    Radio Electrician (Air) K P Jordan
    Sub-Lieutenant W J B Keates
    Surgeon Lieutenant D A Knock
    Ldg Steward SO Lau
    Lieutenant(E) K Macdonald
    Lieutenant C A MacPherson
    Able Seaman J D Mawdsley
    Lieutenant J T McGregor
    Lieutenant Commander I M McLachlan
    Able Seaman F McNamee
    Lieutenant R Nevill-Jones
    Lieutenant R J Overton
    Leading Sick Berth Attendant D Raine
    Sub-Lieutenant B E Rayner
    Aircrewman 1st Class E R Ripley
    Lieutenant J H Sharp
    Sub-Lieutenant I R Shepley
    Sub-Lieutenant J M Simonds
    Able Seaman C Skelton
    Commd Pilot T W Sparke
    Lieutenant E P L Stephenson
    Petty Officer J A Tate
    Lieutenant K M Thomas
    Aircrewman 1st Class G B Wells
    PO (Airman) J F Wigley
    Lieutenant R Williams
    Lieut-Commander T J C Williamson-Napier

    It's interesting to see Commd Pilot TW Sparke's name again
  19. Old Kim Jong Un isnt all bad then?...Wait a minute.:rolleyes:
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