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  1. Hi everyone just wanted to say Hi am new to the site , am currently on waiting list to join as a MA (SM) applied march 2009 due to start fingers crossed may 2011 . if the waiting times dont carry on increasing 8O
  2. Hi Countyroadkopite!

    Welcome to Rum Ration!
  3. Kopite's are gobshites and all that! but welcome aboard buddy! ;)
  4. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Do you know how the Kop got it's name?

    Welcome aboard. Now get in that barrel.
  5. Certainly do mate its named after a hill in africa were many scouser's died fighting during the boar war :wink:
    Anyway thanks guys :D
  6. Another Kopite Gobshite!!! "Can I lift your scabs for a fiver mate?" :D

    Good luck shippers :)

    Nil Satis Nisi Optimum :D
  7. As a scouser I know you will appreciate this little ditty from the terraces:,

    Park, Park wherever you may be
    You eat dogs in your own country,
    But it could be worse, you could have been a scouse,
    Eating rats in a council house.

    Welcome aboard a grow a thick skin sharpish.
  8. learn something new every day, after all these years of living just outside of Liverpool.
  9. Whats the difference between Batman and a scouser........................Batman can go out without robbin..... :D
  10. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Yup. Spion Kop. They got their arses whooped by those smelly Boers. Savages.
  11. welcome aboard always good to have a fellow scouser around good choice of branch by the way. :D
  12. Thanks fella :)
  13. Ive worked on building sites for the last 12 years so am used to some stick haha . Ive read some of the posts on here , some can be brutal but am sure i will be fine :twisted:
  14. You seem the type who will be up to speed very quickly, which is just as well - above all don't bite or the shit will increase tenfold.

    Q. How do you know that a scouse has been in your back yard

    A. The bins empty and the dog is pregnant.
  15. In my Liverpool slum,
    In my Liverpool slum,
    The place is disgusting, there's filth everywhere,
    The folks are despondent, with a downtrodden Arie,
    You've got two cathedrals, we don't fuckin care ,
    In your Liverpool slum.

    In your Liverpool slum,
    In your Liverpool slum,
    The place is disgusting a right filthy hole,
    Where most of the locals are fiddling the dole,
    And those not in prison are out on parole,
    In my Liverpool slum.

    In my Liverpool slum,
    In my Liverpool slum,
    The men are all thickos, the women all tweet,
    There's all kind of flotsam about in the street,
    When they find a dead dog then they all enjoy meat,
    In that Liverpool slum.

    What a difference a road makes, paradise in an hour. 62, 62, 62, 62, :D

    Welcome aboard. :D :D :D :D
  16. Do you know where the term "Scouse" comes from, by the way, CountyRoadKopite?
  17. Doesn't it come from some revolting foodstuff a bit like tripe?

    Oh and by the way, welcome to the site you scouse git (to paraphrase Alf Garnett) :D
  18. Thanks white-mafia am on it :wink: . rumrat that had alot of effort cheers for that , I take it your from manchester then fella , apart from the usual football politics you lot arnt that bad , worked in and around manchester most of my painting life good crack .mainly with the city crowd for some reason thou :lol:
  19. From

    Scouse was brought to Liverpool by Northern European sailors, it was originally called Labskause. This was finally shortened to Skause and over time the spelling changed to the more Anglicised version we have today, Scouse.

    The people who ate Scouse were all generally sailors and their families and eventually all sailors within Liverpool were referred to as Scousers. Time has now taken its turn and everyone from the region of Liverpool is known as a Scouser. Or a Tosser if thats how you see us :lol:
  20. Not tossers at all. Originally from the Black Country (Coventry) known for its coal and industrial might - now known as the Black Country for its mosques and complete absence of white people.

    Also fond of other regional accents - Geordie, Brissul, Janner, - its what once put the Great in Britain.

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