Am i welcome.

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by mrlazy, Jul 14, 2010.

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  1. Alright lads, Im irish and im thinking of joining the Royal Navy, Just wandering is there many paddys serving? And are we welcome??

    Another question after applying how many times will i have to travel over to UK during my application process??

    Thanks in advance if anyone can give me advice.
  2. Welcome to Rum Ration, Mr Lazy.

    Yes, there are. Yes, you are. There may be restrictions on the jobs open to you, though.
  3. were you from mate I'm from dublin,your application will be processed through belfast.
  4. Why would you not be welcome?

    I've served with many Irish men and women from the North and South, Catholic and Protestant. There's the usual banter (thick mick etc) in the mess but give as good as you get and your sorted. Every boat I've been on had it's Irish contingent as well as Welsh and Scots.

    Don't know about the recruiting side, you'll have to wait foe SM or NS to answer that one (or the sage of RR, the inestimable lady that is Soleil)

    And welcome to the site

    edited to add Sol posted while I was typing :oops:
  5. of course you'll be welcome - we had a thick paddy with us for ages - he is now living the high life in the states on JSF - full subs etc etc - how stupid is he!!
  6. Im from cork, Belfast not to bad, have you applied already?? Thanks lads.
  7. yeah i started my application in october 09,email the lads in belfast or give them a call there very helpfull.
  8. really the process takes awhile so. you obviously applying as a chef? I was thinking either chef, aircraft handler or engineers.

    One privous posters said that i can only apply from some jobs, My mother was born in england but has a irish passport and my grandmother has a british passport, would this be any advantage to me??
  9. i aint sure to be honest if that will benefit you because you arent actually a british citizen yourself.
  10. oya u have to be a citizen, cool cool, i emailed belfast anyway,

    thanks anyway lads
    savage website I just found it.
  11. I tried to join the Irish Navy as a chef, but they already had one. :wink:
  12. :thumbup: :chef:
  13. apply for a british passport you should get it
    because of your mothers place off birth and
    the fact that your grandmother holds a british passport
    contact the british embassy in dublin they will let you know for sure
    good luck with joining the grey funnel line had some great times

  14. Well in that case just to get my own back I will tell you of my epic adventures in Ireland, North and South.
    We will start by getting a skin full in the Red Lion, and then crossing the road to Flanagan's All Electric bar, and then coming out straight into the Embassy.
    But if its Sunday, I'm straight over the border, into the Squealing Pig and when I've done glopping and singing rebel songs its down the road to the night club Carmens or Big Jim's.
    And you got a Medal as well for being there :D :roll: 8O
  15. I but if you missed the whaler back it was a long walk back to stroke city
    and through all those out of bound areas
    we give jack many a lift back because we should not have been there also
    but mr lazy keep this in your head
    cant crack me iam a rubber duck.
    you will get through all your training and then you will see the real navy
  16. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    "Dia dhuit ar maidin"

    Aah, a fellow "Rebel"? (Eyeries born myself...) :thumbleft:

    Good luck with your application, and welcome to Rum Ration. And give that Jackeen "Masterchef" some grief... :wink:
  17. [​IMG]
  18. HI Shag stacker,
    I'm currently coming to the end of my draft and have been looking to get over on that JSF draft working for the IPT at Abbeywood. Do you have any contact details for him that I may be able to contact him on at all? VMT, Irish.
  19. Cheers for the advice lads. Im surprise i didnt get the piss riped out of me. I suppose its early days yet. :)

    how many months of the year roughly would you be at sea for?
    Im thinking bout going for engineers, aircraft handler or chef.

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