Am I wasting my time?

Been in the RNR two and a half years. Still not done anything useful to the RN/RNR just training. Was down for my first real job only to be told that it is over subscribed and so people not making bounty will get first dibbs (understandable, but I now have the time off work so wont get to do anything this calendar year).

Am therefore considering my options. What are other guys experiences of going from RNR to RN and particularly if you were a 30 something like me?


Depends what you want out of the RNR mate and where you are on the training ladder. The idea is to get you on the trained strength ASAP. Depending on what branch you join the RN it may take years to get on the trained strength, so don't despair. The old adage if you don't ask you don't get, or to use another old chesnut the squeeky wheel gets the oil, so keep asking for training opportunities, especially those ones that equip you with the skills to be useful.
Im in the same predicament - the fact is, i am trained, i just want to be able to go and do what ive been trained to do, and as much as i want to say that it pisses me off that a lot of people have left sorting out their ort to the last minute and are putting in for the upcoming deployments because theyre in it for the bounty, the prob is clearly that there isn't a requirement for gssr fpt at the moment, and frankly as many times as people say 'there will be' and 'there are' and 'soon', it is going to take years for the rnr to become a regularly used and accepted force. prove me wrong!
Sorry, but I don't believe that is the case, the jobs are there, they are just not coming through to the RNR through the official channels. I could contact a ship tomorrow and line up a deployment, but would p!ss off the RNR bureacracy put in place to handle these taskings.

The problem is that when the jobs come through they come through with insufficient time to find the teams to do it. It is the bureaucracy that prevents it from working. Therefore the GSSR ratings do not get deployments and the Fleet believe we are not available for use.

As has been mentioned elsewhere the issue is communication, RNR GSSR need more that a couple of weeks to get the time off civvie work, and for Fleet it needs to be relatively easy to get the bodies when needed.


apologies there matey, I should learn to read. You may have identified a solution in your reply, just by pass the system, get your deployment. Not ideal, but needs must if system letting you down


Lantern Swinger

I by-passed the system only once, when I didn't hear about the exercise until practically the last minute! The officer in charge was getting a bit desparate for operators, and was more than happy to authorise my training.

Me being new, I make a huge faux pas! :shock:

Turns out he wasn't actually authorised to authorise my training, and I got heavily lambasted for going on the exercise, and as a result, my pay was at stake! Now I never joined the RNR for the money, but to lose two weeks pay was a bit of a blow.

Thankfully, the TC and staff at my unit battled my case, and I should be getting paid for it in my next pay-packet! :lol:


The main problem seems to be the built in time lag between
1. ship realising it needs FPT.
2. unit contacting people.

we had 1 days notice recently to jack up a fortnights leave from work. what planet are they on ?

we need to get away from linear comms and be contacted directly if possible.

fcuk it , i'm off to the boozer.

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