Am I too "old" to join up??

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by billbo_baggins, Jun 6, 2010.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I am a newbie here and wasnt quite sure where to put this post, but am looking for some advice. In 2001 (a long time ago!) I went through the selection process to join the RN as a CT, and was all set to go to Raleigh to start my training. However, due to family circumstances and different things going on in life I didnt go. I am now the grand old age of 29, and am wondering whether to apply again.

    What do you guys think?? Should I go for it?? Do any of you know anyone who has joined up at my age or older??? I just cant decide what to do and have read a lot of the posts on here and everyone seems really helpful!!


    ps.... I can cope with everyone in my training calling me Nana etc haha :lol:
  2. There's people over 30 going through Raleigh right now...your call.
  3. not to old imo go for it
  4. There was a bloke who joined up two days before his 37th birthday recently.
  5. Is that what you told the magistrate?
  6. Im 34 and start my basic training september, so 29 is still young so just go for it.
  7. Not so bad, he could have said "take them down" plus I wondered where you'd been lately.
  8. I would say go for it if its what you really want! You only live once! :)
  9. I'm rejoing at the age of 29.
  10. I had the same concern at first aswell. im just about to turn 27 and have the RT on 09/06/2010. Im going for AET so if the predicitions are right and there is a 24 month waiting list im going to be 29ish and not happy lol.....

    Still its got to be worth the wait. I work in a very mature enviroment, mostly with people old enough to be my dad so its should be a giggle getting used to 21 years olds.
  11. Go for it mate. What's the worst that could happen?
  12. I went through HMS Raleigh aged 32, I had no issues with most of the intake being younger as I feel I get on with people of all ages. I was by no means the oldest either and if I remember right, we only had a few lads and lasses under 20 anyways.

    My only regret............ Not doing it years ago!
  13. Agreed!
  14. Im rejoing at the age of 29, you will be fine.

    Best of luck.
  15. Evening all,

    I'm 34 and have just made an appointment at my local AFCO... am I insane?

    Maybe... but any more time working in a feckin' callcentre and I'll be picking my colleagues off one by one from the belltower...

    I'm getting on a bit but nothing's fallen off just yet....!

    Been told I'm too old for Aircraft Controller (1st choice) but OK for AET, if I pass the tests that is!

    Do I hold the record for being the oldest applicant ever?

    El Swing
  16. Hi Swingrr!

    Welcome to Rum Ration!

    Oldest applicant ever? No. Check this out:
  17. Cheers Soleil!

    Fair doos, if he can do it - no excuse for me I guess!

    37 two days into Raleigh - impressive!
  18. You sure thats what he said?
    It wasn't 'take his trousers down'?

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