Am I Passed It?

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by scrivomcdivo, Oct 9, 2010.

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  1. Hi folks.

    I'm 28 and male (sounds like an intro on a bloody dating website :) ). I work as a police officer and I need a career change I've decided after 6 years as a bobby / Detective. I've toyed with joining the RNR for some time and now I'm seriously contemplating joining the RN hopefully as an officer (graduated in uni a while back - oh a distant memory!). I'm on £30,000 a year at the mo so this is the reason why I'd want to go in as an officer as I simply can't afford the paydrop.

    My question is, am I too old (in practice) to join the RN?
  2. No.

    Some of the Officer options won't be open to you though.
  3. Just looking at the RFA Hermes - from what I can see you can't go in directly as an officer can you? Don't you have to be a cadet officer which would be a massive paydrop for me which i couldn't afford :(
  4. Ok, think of short term pain long term gain. Money is not everything !

    The jobs not what it used to be and you only live once. Just remember the absence of evidence is no evidence of absence.

    Live the dream 8)
  5. Too true. Are you in the RFA Hermes?
  6. Yep and proud to be......

    End off.
  7. I'm 29 and male. I can understand the money situation as by the time I get back in I would of started my mortgage. You need to find out what's the lowest amount you can get by. Also you won't be spending much during training.
    Just out of curiosity what is the basic pay for officers?
  8. The thing is bud it's always going to be the same when you make a radical change of direction. I had to drop £12,000 a year a few years back to fit in with what I wanted from life at the time. But depending what you want from life it's kind of interesting how easily you can adapt to the loss of money.
  9. Which officer? The basic pay for police officers or RN officers or RFA officers?
  10. Sorry mate RN officers
  11. From what I can gather it's around £30,000
  12. Back to he OP, without wanting to drag this excellent thread off track, despite the excellent asides:

    Fuck off you dirty black cunt. I'd rather work alongside paedo's than filth.

    Of course, my opinion is not that of the entire service and should only be taken with a pinch of salt.

    Good day.
  13. Passed it?
    I don't know the Bikini State of your bowel movements, but I'd have thought that as a Uni graduate you'd have known that in this context your thread title should read 'Am I past it?'
    Pedantic cnut mode off.
  14. **** having an ex copper in the mess, illegal mess funds (that we got accused of having but we knew didn't exist) among many things that a 'perfect civilian' should not know the nonexistence of. Once a white rat always a white rat. I've seen the like, reporting on run ashore antics etc.

    'Spy in the mess' :snorting: :banned: :violent3:
  15. BTW

    Welcome back MLP

  16. Well as an ex Copper and aspiring Ossifer at least he'll be used to the less than flattering nickname. :wink:

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