Am I kidding myself? RMR

I'm 37 and want to join the RMR I'm still keep myself pretty fit. I was a nod in RMR got to the commando course stage and joined the regs got to the later stage of training and got injured. I know I've left it way too long but things happened and that was the path I took! Regretting that I never finished off my only ambition.
Is 37 too late?
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I only say this as when I phoned my local rmr the person on the other end laughed when I Said I was 37.. So was wondering is there anyone my age in training at this moment?


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To be honest, there are plenty of guys aged over 30 that start RMR training, but in the last 8 years in my region I've yet to see a guy aged over 32 successfully complete RMR RT from scratch unless they've had former military service as a trained rank.

There's no doubt it's theoretically possible, but statistically the odds are against it for a variety of reasons, not least work & family commitments together with the fact there's a natural slowing of the body's metabolism which makes it less easy to shrug-off training injuries.

Basically it's at the discretion of the unit Commanding officer, but the obvious question to those over age 32, is going to be Why didn't you apply in the 16 years you were eligible?

If you haven't seen it already, there's a potential alternative suggested here, if things don't pan out as hoped: Older recruits - 131 Independent Commando Squadron? - PRMC - Potential Royal Marines Course forum

Best of luck.
Can't speak for RMR but there are a fair few who have passed 4para training in their mid-late 30s.

Best you can do is give it a crack..


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Yep, it's physically achievable but the problem for some is being told by a 19 year old L/Cpl or 22 year old Corporal or 19 year old Officer what to do, which is easier said than done for many, despite their apparent fitness.
The RMR is undergoing a period of re-structuring in order to meet the requirement the Corps has for it. No longer can it take anyone who applies and passes the entry criteria and PRMRC. The liability was established and in some cases the RMR was overmanned at some levels, this is highlighted by the JPA system and there is no flex in it. Various interested and responsible departments in the HQ's monitor and manage this situation. There are plenty of ex regular and new applications to join but they can only be accepted if a vacancy is available for them. This is a simple attempt to explain the current situation but what return of service would the RMR get from a 30+ recruit? it all depends on the individual situation but time is stacked against them, at 45 ranks go onto extended service and must apply to re-engage and of late many have been declined.

Rod37 for all the reasons stated so far and the fact that there are enough applicants of a similar profile (age) to their regular counterparts you don't need a degree in Chinese Algebra to understand why the RMR has it's upper age policy.
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