Am I going to die first?


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I'll be fucking gutted if you no hopers out live me during this end of the world lark. I was thinking, seeing as I get to see the 21st before all of you..... stand fast NZB........That means I either become a living God by surviving the end of the world before you all perish about 12 hours later or I'm fucked first.

Did these Mayan fellas understand Greenwich mean time?

Can I take the piss when I survive the "death" date and you losers still have to face it?

Confused of New Zealand.
Mayan Calendar, the Mayan lived in Mexico so they (and the Septics) will be first and follow on from there.

So WB and NBZ and every one else you will get a 24hr. reprieve.
It could be it ends at 2359S on the 21st Dec. in Mexico so that makes it 0600Z on the 22nd. for us. This is getting complicated, my brain hurts.
Just went in the fridge to check all the best before dates before we go shopping, one thing had the date 21/12/12 as it's expiry..... was Mayan-aise:tongue10:
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