Am I dipping out then?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by BillyNoMates, Jul 3, 2013.

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  1. I've been with Lloydy-Lloyds since I cannot remember when. My question is - is there
    a better deal to be had if I swap, and why isn't there an account for aethiests?
    Devil Worshippers? Druids? Pagans? Scientologists? Klingons? Mysterons?
    Bhuddists? Jehovahs Witnesses? Mormons? Quakers? The Amish?

    ....and every other fucking minority/majority that has ever existed, ever?

    Lloyds TSB - UK Bank Accounts - Islamic Current Account
  2. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    What the fuckitty fuck? I never knew that banking had religious undertones.
  3. It says no debit or credit interest...does that mean you can become very overdrawn and they can't charge you?
  4. No, just means you cannot be overdrawn.

    As the bible says, "neither a borrower nor lender be". So in theory, we should be following the same principles but all that has eroded away over time as practical reality overcomes fanciful notions.

    However, I suspect they take their book that little bit more seriously still.
  5. I dont see how that's possible then, as I once asked Lloyds if they could stop taking any balance below zero (going into the 'unplanned overdraft') and they said no because a customer could have pending transactions put through when there was cash present...then if cash was taken out the transaction still had to go through (as could happen over a weekend) :neutral:
  6. They probably know that it is a perk that will seldom be used. If something is an intrinsic part of someone's religion then they are unlikely to do it- ie) go into their overdraft. It is like inviting a jew to a bbq and saying well you can pay for food except pork sausages, you get them free. It appears a generous gesture but everyone knows that the jew won't eat any of the pork products in reality, they might just think insensitive wanchorrrr but at least he is generous; and bbq-er knows his bangers are safe. On a secondary point does anyone really care?
  7. Think you've got it spot on Rachel. As for your question, yes people do care as it's got the dreaded 'I' word in it.
  8. It is not a matter of caring but wondering why. Once the latter has been explained the former fades completely away.
  9. At the end of the day a bank is a business keen on turning a profit, to do so they need to attract customers. How to attract them in a market saturated with competitors? Offer a unique service that is likely to appeal to a certain group of people and is not widely offered elsewhere. I don't view it as a move to succumb to them, just a business move to secure new people to bank with them. Maybe i am just a cynic though :)
  10. I am well aware that the followers of Islam have to make special arrangements if they need to raise money to buy a house or any large purchase. Financial arrangements have to comply with Sharia Law but human nature being what it is an expedient way out is almost always available. Lloyds Bank must be able to supply these expediences.

  11. Aye. That acct. is merely their loss-leader, once a mark opens the account they will forever afterwards be assailed with invites for Car/Home/Pet/Minaret insurances etc etc.

    Some of the Islamic business folk I know already have quite satisfactory but closed 'networks' for circulating their monies without a need for any High Street Banks.

    Being astute business people they pay, and expect to earn, ermm certain 'considerations' on many transactions.

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