Am I being "Seen Off again?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rumrat, Jan 21, 2011.

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  1. So when this new look forum first came about with all the goodies attached, I noticed certain new bits that were quite handy.
    For instance there was a bar across the bottom of each page, and one of the features was a scroll to the top of the page.
    Mines fuckin been nicked, and I would like to know why, or was it one of you skanky bastards had it away with it.
    I'm not one to belly ache, but fairs fair, and if you know the identity of, or can give information that leads to a good kicking for the tea-leaf, I will recommend that sea bitch or PT are detailed to give you dirty sexual favors.

    Now where is my missing bar?
    I noticed a post on here by a character calling himself Sherlock Holmes, maybe I can get him on the case.:confused2::sad1:
  2. It is because you is black innit.

    Edited to add you admitted 'er indoors found your password so I'd check her handbag.
  3. Yeah exactly so shouldn't I be the one doing the skank.
    You only replied to see if I really could get you dirty sex with a MOD.:lick:

    And its not like me to loose a BAR:confused2:
  4. Yes please, I need an excuse to dust off the Lambretta and play my Who CD's at max chat.
  5. You've more than likely "hidden" the bar that you speak so fondly of. If this is the case you should now see a speech bubble in the bottom right hand corner. As you scroll over it, it will say "start chatting". Click on it and life will seem normal again.
  6. Which brings me nicely to my next angle, wanna buy a nice original M56 fishtail complete with bullseye and rabbit fur hood.
    My old one, and I actually paid for it.
    Its not for sale really, I'm just boasting I still got it, although notice I don't claim to be able to wear it.:sad1:
  7. You can open free gangway again and open all screen doors and hatches.
    Drakey you are a star,:thumleft::thumleft::thumleft: much more helpful than that Wrecker who just revelled in my misery.
    Now just drop me a post card with the Mod of your choice and I'll have him kidn.....contacted asap.:confused2:
  8. I don't wear anything with a crab logo on it, if it was a fouled Admiralty pattern anchor you'd be onto a winner.
  9. You must be off your Rocker:lick:
  10. Mr Rat
    If you have windows... press home
    If you have a mac ….press command uparrow
    If you have a sinclair …. reboot
    If you have an XBox … a game
    If you have an amstrad…remove and replace mains plug
    If you are in an internet cafe…… ask a nigerian
    If you are in an ops room….. see line one
    Please note you will need a computer to do any of the above

    hope this helps….
  11. Uncle, I must tell you that I don't know that Wi-Fi removes the need for a computer, but as I have neither I am not here.
    I must go now as there is no one breaking my door down to kill me. Should I return they never got me even though I am not here.:thumleft:8O

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