Am I being a tight arse? A scientific poll.

Am I being a tight arsed Jock???

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  • Pay everything, you tight arse Jockenese twat

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Student shared house.

Mong housemate 1 left his window open, allowing chavs in. Police arrive and catch them, for some reason change locks on door (SOP's?).

Mong housemate 2 (the only one staying at the house at the time), then goes on holiday for a week with the keys and informs no one of the break in. He leaves no message with neighbours stating "I don't know them'.

Housemates 3 + 4 (myself) return to find locks changed and landlords phone switched off. Await 36 hours before smashing window to gain entry into house. Text from landlord in reply to our 'emergency' text saying 'send me an e-mail, I'm in America".

Also, Mong housemate 1 has now left the house, but is not answering calls to pay his share of the utility bills. The landlord says it is not his problem. These 'housemates' are not my 'mates' and I had no say in who moved in, so I don't see why I should pay any short fall. And I never signed anything saying I would.

So here's the questions: Should I pay for A) the window, B) the door lock C) The utility bills D) All of the above

So, dear RR's - am I sticking up for myself in correctly telling the landlord to foxtrot oscar, or am I being a tight arsed Jock?????????
I was in a similar position when i was RA in pompey.I quietly found alternative accom and just slipped moorings one weekend.Sod em!
Pay for the window you broke and then find somewhere else to live, with people who are a little more responsible.

(And being a Jock doesn't mean you're a tight arse, just 'careful' with your money.)
Pay your quarter share, it will be up to the tenant who signed the agreement to chase anyone else up. Then give whatever notice was agreed. But most important find somewhere to move into once your notice is ended.


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I was in a similar situation at uni. If it's your name on the bills what you can do is send a copy of the tenancy agreement to the utility firms involved and they'll let you pay them off in installments (or just pay your share). If you have any address details for the mong you could take him through small claims it'd cost you £40 but at least you'd get him legally. With regards to the window, tell the landlord some kids did it and he should pay for it without keeping your deposit.

If all else fails a spade and a bag of lime could be a good solution.

If you have any questions, PM me and I'll do my best to sort you out. As I said, I've been there mate - joys of sharing a house.
Or just go to , where you can sue people on an official government website, for next to nothing, and win your costs. A County Court judge examines your case based on your submission, and decides who is in the right. You don't get extra damages, just what you're owed and your costs (£50ish to take them to court), and they get a CCJ and possibly the bailliffs sent round.

It's brilliant - I've never lost with the halfwits who think they can rip me off on EBay, and I got a fortune from NTL who carried on charging me for a service they did not supply. They had 2 bailliffs (of mine) walking into their HQ and only when they started carrying out the receptionist's desk and computer did someone run down with a cheque and pay.

Go on, you know you want to...


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I totally forgot about Money Claim Online. TBH though last time I tried using it the damn thing kept timing out after people realised they could claim back bank charges
Cheers for the advice people.

TBH, the only thing I thought about paying for was the window, but even that would annoy me as we had no choice what so ever.

I'm taking the money 'I' am owed for the bills out of my rent, and if the landlord tries to keep the deposit, I'll sell his furniture.

I always let the utility companies I'm not the sole bill payer, so I'm covered on that.

The house was fine up until a six months ago, just that the mongs have appeared now. It was supposed to be for 'mature' students - sadly that doesn't mean grown ups.

Anyway, might be taking a year off to go and play with our pongo chums, so might have other things to worry about. :rendeer:
I opt for none of the above and follow slims advice. You are one of four residents; the other three are bugger all to do with you. I would fix the window, find alternative lodgings as soon as possible, discuss with usless twat of a landlord on his return and demand your deposit back plus cost of window back. You didn't sign any agreement on utility bills so in theory you aren't liable. Did you sign a rent agreement and does it menton anything about utility bills in it?

Pay nothing untill you get hold of the landlord.

The utility bills well you said you have that OK'd with the suppliers.

Is the window repaired yet --who paid for it
The New door locks who replaced them and presumably paid .
It is the Landlords duty to ensure that all defects in the house are rectified.
If You pay for window--deduct amount from rent
If you pay for new locks --ditto. Make sure the Landlord is given a spare key etc etc.
Get reciepts for all work/repairs you pay for.

You broke the window simply because you were not supplied with a valid key to gain access to your legit home and belongings. Also Landlords normally have an agent as point of contact .

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