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Am I banned from joining the Navy forever? Please help me :)


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Hello everybody
My name is rose and I am 22 years old. I graduated from university in July last year. I need your help . Please don't judge . I have not told anyone as I am embarrassed

I recently saw an job in navy I like it is the intelligence officer post . I like the job role but I feel like I am banned due past mental health issues . Should I apply or just not bother

When I turned 21 in May 2018 I felt like my life was just a failure. I lived all these years and have nothing to show for it . I never had a relationship and I am immuture for my age . I just felt like I was never going to be happy again. I just lost my confidence. I just felt I was this stupid little girl in a world full of adults .

Every one around was doing better than me having careers and relationships. I was depressed as months went on which led to sucidal thoughts up until January.

In an out of hours service a nurse diagnosed with moderate depression and anxiety via questionnaire. I struggled with it . Nothing came out of it . I disagreed wit the anxiety diagnosis

In January 2019 I was diagnosed by a gp for moderate depression. After February I stopped experiencing depressive symptoms and no longer sucidal. I am been symptom free for 11 months .
My mental health has gotten better as time has go on .

I was never prescribed anti depressants but was told to apply for therapy . I never got therapy as I struggled to access NHS services
I self harmed in my teens but no longer do it

All that I told you is on the file
Should I apply or not bother ?

The navy website does not help at all.

Thank you and have a lovely day every one


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Only one way to answer this - visit your local AFCO and find out.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


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What is local AFCO ?

It's your local Armed Forces Careers Office, Rose. Find your nearest one and go in in person.


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I have decided not to apply .

Having a depression diagnosis and past sucidal thoughts has put me off applying altogether.
Depression diagnosis I need to be realistic
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I have decided not to apply . Having a depression diagnosis and past sucidal thoughts has put me off applying altogether.


When applicants have something particular in their medical histories, their cases are looked at by medically qualified staff. The sensible thing is to apply, be honest re your medical history and then see how you get on.

There is no harm at all in starting the process via the Royal Navy website. You are not committing yourself to anything, just dipping a toe in the water. Give it a go.

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I feel like they are going to say no
The navy want strong people .
Depression is seen as weakness that is what society tell us.
Thanks anyway


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Society is wrong , according to my consultant , backed up by area senior consultant that I had been suffering from depression from the age of FIVE but was not diagnosed until age 46. I am ex RN and never struggled in any way shape or form during my service.....I loved it and would do it all again. Everyone is different and as Sol says what have you got to lose just by having a chat with the AFCO. Good luck whatever you choose Rose.

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My reasons for joining the navy are wrong reasons as well

1) escape unemployment
2) get away from everything in my life because I absolutely hate my life .


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You may be surprised to find that these are not unusual reasons for joining the armed services. T'was ever thus.

Yes the Navy (or the Army) are looking for people to perform a job for them to the best of their ability when called upon to do so, but there are many who have had to develop these core strengths through the initial training phases, and not necessarily rocked up as a fully rounded individual beforehand. The Forces have centuries of experience in taking in people of all types and making them an effective fighting force for the defence of the nation. You will not be the first and certainly not the last.

If you have been attracted to a military lifestyle and can foresee your place within it then why not have that chat with the AFCO? It may not get any further than that, or it could be the start of a career that has been the making of you. In life, when we look back, our bitterest regrets are not about the times we tried and failed but of the times we never tried at all.

Do you have anyone in your family or social circle who are in the military who can give you an idea about the reality of it? Talk to them, see what they think.

One key thing in your OP was that you stated you were diagnosed but crucially you have not been prescribed medication. The medical records will reflect this. As I perceive it, it is only when medication has been involved that certain barriers are encountered, and these can be overcome depending on what, where and when.

You have taken these initial steps but it is up to you whether you take it further, but I would encourage you to at least speak to the AFCO.


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Some roles you can join up to the age of 36 , the seed is there and as you mature it could grow and you fulfill your dreams . To add to my earlier post , do not suffer armchair psychologists as I have , tell them to go away....or similar.


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My reasons for joining the navy are wrong reasons as well

1) escape unemployment
2) get away from everything in my life because I absolutely hate my life .
Kinda sums up why I joined!!!!
25 years later!!!! I left to be told I have mental health issues. (they called it PTSD). Had one episode, doesn't make me a loony!!! Does it?
Hey, give it a shot - be honest, be yourself. You never know!


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@Rose don't forget that the RN offers a whole range of jobs to match most applicants abilities. Even if the one that caught your eye is not available to you there may be something else that you were unaware of to suit your aspirations. Go to the AFCO and have a chat. Remember they want to recruit you rather than send you away empty handed.
Good luck with whatever you decide to do.


Hi Rose,

I'm in the joining process right now, and my circumstances and how I felt about myself are fairly similar. I'm not sure how familiar you are with the pipeline, but prior to my medical tests I was declared permanently medically unfit for similar health concerns. According to the JSP950 and recruiting guidelines any history of mental illness including, self-harm, suicidal ideation and depression is a bar for entry if they have lasted for more than 24 months. If you can prove truthfully with supporting evidence that you were never on medication and did not attend counseling and otherwise your symptoms only occurred for 9 months I wouldn't say that you would be barred on those grounds for recruitment.

I would however be concerned about the instances of self-harm you mentioned in your teens. Capita and their doctors have a duty of care to both you and the service to make sure that you are fit enough to proceed with entry and might (like they did in my case) link prior episodes into one long stretch, but as I said before, if you have the supporting documentation that you are mentally healthy, you shouldn't have any concerns; but like everyone else, if you're serious, please speak with your Careers Advisor, they will be a great support and will give you all the information you will need to make your own decision.

Something also to consider in the JSP 950 is: “in certain circumstances recruitment may be possible after a prescribed period of time once the condition has been resolved.” and I think for mental health conditions it's 4 years from an episode.

Please don't feel embarrassed, none of us have it all figured out, and mental illness is a shitty, but real part of life. It takes a lot of courage and strength to face that, AND it sounds like you're making some brave decisions to make something more out of your life and that's incredible. I encourage you to see this as an opportunity to focus more on your own goals and aspirations rather than what others are doing, and as a chance to follow your aspirations and visions. Your story is courageous and bold and deserves to nurtured.

Even if you don't decide to apply I hope that you find a way to take what you were feeling when you suffered through depression and make it meaningful, and try and surround yourself with as much support as possible. I've found, when you're vulnerable and open-- good people will try and help. :)
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Give it a go you have nothing to lose and may end up surprsing yourself and everybody else


Mental health doesn't define who we are as people im 29 and have had depression since I was 6 its stopped me joining the navy for a decade and its taken me this long to realise that I can join and you can too!! Your still young and have loads of time left. So join up and see how amazing life is!!
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