Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Feb 13, 2007.

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  1. The BNP are a perfectly legitimate political party. You can't wish to live in a democracy but then say "oh but we don't want THAT particular party..."
  2. Despite their views, they should still be allowed to say their piece - at least it'll give us an opportunity to query their intentions and make an informed choice at the polls.

    Stifling debate wouldn't work as there would be no conter argument to their policies.
  3. Whether one agrees with the NF's or BNP's policies or not (and most people do not), where public funding is available to political parties it should be available to all parties. It would be the thin end of the wedge and dangerous for those in power to prevent other legitimate parties from standing for parliament.
  4. I agree all parties should have the same access to funding. Most people can only be bothered to listen to one aspect of the BNP's manifesto. They have some great (non race related!) ideas. But then, most parties do until they fail to implement them. Some are worrying, though.
    What winds me up is the the government we have now can condemn the BNP all they like, yet still fail to see why people are voting that way. If they did something about the situations that people are protesting about, no-one would vote that way.
  5. I think that a vote for the BNP is actually a protest vote against the other parties. The main political parties need to wake up and listen to the electorate for a change.
  6. Put much more succinctly!
  7. Having re-read the original post, i realise i'm talking about the BNP which the NF has split from. But still, they should be entitled, in my opinion, to voice their own and recieve funding for it the same as any other party.
  8. Alternatively no political party receives funding from the public purse and they're all reliant on revenues that they can earn themselves.

    Worth thinking about?
  9. Any if they get their money from wealthy individuals it is called cash for questions or selling peerages.

    You cant really have it both ways.
  10. Any person or party can run for a post if they have the money and enough people putting you forward as well if I remember rightly, fail to gain a certain amount of votes and you forfeit your deposit.
    Whether it's the BNP, Labour, Conservative or Monster Raving Looney Party. It's called democracy based on freedom of speech.
    What's the real difference between the BNP and the Communist Party - not a lot really, both have extreme ideas.
    As has been said, the BNP have a few "catching" policies" as did Labour, some great ideas and then you get the "other" policies that didn't get spoken about or were buried so deep you didn't know.

    It's about time the only people allowed to run for government are self made businessmen/women, whether it be a brickie, a plumber, an IT guy - someone who has worked hard and made it, who's scrimped and saved and payed the bills - NOT a career politician straight out of university.

    Anyone is eligible to run for power (proven criminals and non UK citizens excepted)

    Any good men or women out there?
  11. The problem is that most of the good men and women don't want to be tarnished with the label of 'politician', which more and more seems to be a byeword for liar.

    I did however, many months ago whilst listening to Jeremy Vine on Radio2, hear an interview with Councillor Mrs Lurline Champagnie, and what she said was quite refreshing. Can't remember what she said now but at the time it made a positive impression on me and made me think we could do with more people like her in politics.

    If you've never heard of her, here's the link.
  12. As we seem to be leading on to this "Good" politician thingy...................
    Anyone vote for Boris Johnson?
    At least you know what you're getting!
    I'd vote for him.
    I'd also vote vote for "Slim" or "Andym" at least we'd get realistic issues squared away.

    Jimmy hit it on the head - the good ones DO not want to be tarnished.
    I'll stand, my politics would be slightly to the right of Attila The Hun, i.e. good standards and moral standing. Wasters and parasites would be given an easy way out, out of the country to a third world siht hole, oops! sorry that's nearly the UK isn't it?

    Bottom line, to count, you have to vote - you don't vote you do not have the right to grumble. Last election, the Conservatives got more votes than Labour - I'll let you think on that one.
    At least the Conservatives told you when they were going to fcuk you. Single white working male, this Labour government has done the square root of fcuk all for me.
    Rant over.
  13. I'll vote for you mate... Agree in full with the above..
  14. A democracy means everyone who abides by the rule of the country can be part of the discussion.

    If they are part of the political landscape then at least they are accountable by the rule of law.

  15. And who is the final arbitor of a waster and a parasite? Imagine Jack leaving the Mob after his 22 and not being able to find a job right away so he applies to the state for help until he does. Is Jack a parasite for leaching off the state? Many would say "No" given his 22 years service, but by strict definition, if he is living off the state then he is a parasite, so would you pack him off? It is all very well being to the right of Attila - but there are always shades of grey to every policy and sweeping statements don't hold up in real life.
  16. I left the RN in 1985 and through the use of the resettlement organisation was lucky enough to find work which I liked.
    In the early 1980s (before I left) the government had a scheme which paid earnings related benefits for one year. This enabled people leaving the services or civilian jobs to look for a new job while at the same time not being under pressure to take the first available job (often unsuitable) on offer. Unfortunately this system was stopped.
    For 22 years Jack has not been living off the state, but working for the state. This is what I would like to see for all long term unemployed on benefits, ie being made to work for the benefit rather than being given it.
  17. I'd be less worried about some state funding the BNP and far more worried about Liabours preferred funding options for political parties. Having been rumbled on the loans for peerages scam, they're now proposing that the state (ie us taxpayers) fund ALL party political expenditure. That in itself is bad enough, but they also propose proportioal funding based on share of the vote which basically ensures the winner in an election gets the most party political funding, hence skewing the playing field for subsequent elections. The sooner we get these geryymandering b*stards out the better...
  18. I think many forget that this is the party originally elected on a stand against SLEEZE :evil:
  19. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Political apathy is no excuse for voting for the BNP! If people are dissatisfied with other parties manifestoes then they should spoil their vote, not just vote for 'the other team' out of spite. I'm not trying to draw an analogy but that is how the SD Party was voted into power in Germany in the 30s, by playing on the public's distorted sense of national pride and insecurities at the time.

    I agree wholeheartedly with Slim's POV that other parties should wake up and listen to the electorate, but people should be careful what they wish for... :shock:

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