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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by rosinacarley, Sep 16, 2007.

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  1. I have been trying to stay off RR for fear that I was beginning to mistake the internet for actual reality. I pop back and find that for some reason Always has left. I cannot be bothered to find out why because my life it too short and I am about to go on holiday.

    However, before I go I would like to say that I have met a few people from RR, and Always joined us for the Falklands 25 weekend. Even if I had not met him, I would suggest from his posts that he is a good and kind person, a tad eccentric and very out, but good and kind nonetheless.

    That is more than can be said for some people on here who come across variously as one or more of the following - irrascible gits with too much time on their hands, rude, nasty, ignorant, careless of other people's feelings and a so far up their own arses. You know who you are.
  2. AAC, is a raging ...... but a decent bloke, helped me with some info in the past, hope he returns. Well said Rosy

    edited because I missed a word out (a) and used the wrong word (it instead of is)
  3. Hope I am still on the Christmas list Rosie
  4. A quick run down and not to start off a debate, about 2 threads in the last 24hrs have been debating this subject.

    This issue wasn't with AAC and his sexuality, far be it. It was to do mainly with his being very forward (regular postings about his pref one way or another in a good amount of threads that were not about that) and not respecting other's wises, to which he'd been kindly advised of many a time. Now, it also involves a short stint of some serving that have mentioned AAC's user name as an example of why they find no attraction to join RR. In that stage, I think it all just blew OTT, with some members adding fuel to the fire.

    AAC, himself and no other, asked for his account to be cancelled. He hasn't stayed out the spot light since his first attempt with nozzer and unfortunately, things went a little too far.

    I am not good at explaining at all but that's the jist of it, however, there are other reasons too, such as certain members who have nothing better to so than moan and drip about modd'g preferences or how RR should be run, so all in all, should we name RR a knitting circle? People are all ready to point a finger at mods but never at themselves. Yes, some mods are guilty but we do not deny this or at any given oppotunity, have to throw it into a boil.

    I, for one am fed up with the constant sh*t brought up by the same members, AAC got the brink of it, I am sorry for this and have apologised, like others. but the question is this, is it just AAC or is another factor the usual moaners that are helping to add to this?

    Not a gripe or to start another long winded debate but maybe we should all take a step back and realise, it's the t'net.

    BZ rosie, good post xx
  5. Hi Rosie, nice to see you back, I for one had missed you.

    Have to agree the site has been a bit nasty recently with one thing and another, I guess some people forget as pointed out by various other members that this is the internet, not reality.

    Takes a deep breath and steps back....
  6. Just found this and having been (mostly) out of comms for the last couple of months I had been wondering where Always had gone? No matter what any of us said about him - he was a pretty regular contributer to the site and many of his postings were well worth reading.

    If you're out there peeking in mate - you're always welcome back.

    Seems to me that an awful lot has changed in a couple of months.

  7. Thingy thingy thingy thingy THINGY!

    I for one am VERY glad he's back, albeit in a different coat to the one he left with.

    His sexual preference has NEVER been a problem with me or lots of other people on here, and I think its about time we all perhaps had a look to see if we could have been a bit more supportive of him in the past. Does it REALLY matter that sometimes he can come across as Gay Ste, instead of Ste, who is Gay (If you see what I mean)? I don't think so, I find it very refreshing. He constantly adds to this site, and doesn't detract from it in my opinion :) unlike some others.
  8. Agreed, I for one like the fact that he has his finger on the pulse of what is going on in in Parliament and keeps us up to date with all the Hansard posts.
  9. If you are that fed up than why are you posting? Reality? Sorry it happens to the best of us.
  10. I am quite certain you have absolutely no idea of the same kind of reality that the rest of us experience.
  11. Lamri :hug:

    LAMRI, Lamri, Lamri, Lamri, Lamri, I love you!

  12. oi oi? who started this thread ...?
  13. The mad Cat lady did :D
  14. Excuse me, person who has a semi naked pootle for an avatar, how very dare you!
  15. Nice Pussy :)
  16. Rosie :hug: you already know I love you..... Will you be coming along to the London Xmas Run, which I understand the PO Stoker will be attending :)
  17. I understand that he is available that weekend, and I am undecided as to whether it would be unsafe to allow him into your clutches unchaperoned, or whether I should find that I need to wash my hair that weekend!
  18. I'm a reformed nozzer now.... then again, do you think he'd fit into my large rucksack? :thumright:
  19. If I was coming i'd grow a beard just to keep you happy ;)
  20. Steve, I didnt even know your now the artist formerly known as AAC!! Its good to have you back mate!! Interesting choice of name BTW :dwarf:

    Rosie, well you already know how much Ive missed you!! :thumright: x

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