Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Sharkey, Feb 18, 2013.

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  1. On the news today, Alvin the civvie sub has had a refit and now can go even deeper, I think they said it could go to 4km, didnt catch the new depth but they said the pressure would be 10k lbs per sq inch, and as one who has been a few hundred ft down and seen the formica bend away from the bulkhead due to the hull being squeezed I thought......are they stark raving.............
  2. I bet they have to wedge the trap doors open as well.

  3. Pedant mode on. It's actually 5894 PSI.

    4000m is 400 bar add one bar for Absolute pressure= 401 multiply by 14.7= 5894.7

    Just re read it. The new depth is roughly is 6800m.
  4. Happy to be corrected on things technical froggers, still too muttering deep for me though
  5. *Ultra pedant mode on*

    You rounded DOWN a .7 value?? Should be 5985 psi!

    *Ultra pedant mode off*

    Just kidding . . . :biggrin:
  6. ?? Your typo? 5985 divided by 14.7 is 407 bar. If you're going into ultra pedant mode at least get it right! You have a long way before they will sign off your ULTIMATE pedant task books! ;-)
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  7. I looked at it twice, then re-checked it, and it was still wrong! And only 4 digits too. That'll teach me to try and be such as smart-arse . . . :tongue3:
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