Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by awsomeo, Nov 1, 2010.

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  1. Hello there i have just got back form my RT this morning qualifying for AET which was nice ad have got my medical forms and signing up forms, then i found out my branch has a 30 month wait which in hindsight i should have check before hand. I'm still pressing on with the next stages of selection but even if i am successful at these stages 2 and a half years is a long wait to get an offer to start phase 1.

    Im now seriously considering the raf as a alternative carer path.

    Before the salvo of abuse starts. What are the state of RAF waiting lists like at the moment?

    Will the fact i already have an application in the senior service result in both applications getting jeopardised?
  2. Matelot = Tats, whores, beer, rum, travelling, whores, suntans, jet skis, whores and whores.

    RAF = Leisurewear made from man made fibres and World of Warcraft competitions.

    The choice is yours. Hopefully this will sway your decision further:

    Typical RN club:

    Typical RAF club:

    I hope I've made my point, now go take your head for a shit, for even considering giving up the chance to be one of God's chosen ones.*

    *WAFUs sort of count I suppose.
  3. Just bear in mind this little fact. A mate of mine only a few months back had his basic training date for the crabs taken off of him along with a lot of other recruits... Told to re apply sometime later this year. Im pretty sure they are in the same, or possibly worse situation as the RN. But dont take this as gospel, pop into your local AFCO for the proper info :)
  4. Sir you make an compelling argument and if you interested i got of the phone with the main RAF phone line and things don't sound any better on their side either.

    So i guess its time to finish my A2's, find some meaningful employment and wait until 1st of April 2013 to begin living the dream.
  5. :thumbleft:

    Its what most of us are doing just now mate, Oh and dont neglect your fitness!!
  6. The fact you thought about giving your RN application up for a RAF one is warrant enough for you to be put down like a dying animal.

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