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Alternative test of gayness...

Do you read the Guardian, like classical music and drink exotic teas/coffees?

  • Nay (No, and I am gay)

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  • Aye (but I am straight)

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  • Nay (but I am straight

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  • Other (add comment below)

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asst_dep_to_dep_asst said:
Read the Daily Mail for Peanuts and Richard Littlejohn, as the news content is crap. Listen to most things but like Muse, Radiohead and Coldplay. Having said that saw a Yes tribute band in Southampton a few weeks ago, which was great.

Have never fancied anyone of my own sex, but hairy anything is anathema. Hollywood (or is it Brazilian?) gets my vote.

Brazilian sure gets my vote , Californian gets it as well , I think I'm having a funny turn , must go and have a lie down , :roll: :oops:
As a rule I dont read the Gaurdian... Sure I listen to classical music I also listen to rock, country, Jazz.

Sure I'm gay, to me it's not the whole deal..just happy with who I am and wish everyone the same. Most of my mates are straight...who cares who does what, in reality no one. Do I like scented teas...not a bit, straight PG tips here.

Do I like an old salty sea dog.....sure when I can find one.

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