Alternative test of gayness...

Do you read the Guardian, like classical music and drink exotic teas/coffees?

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In the EuroPride2006 thread Hegs, RR's first openly gay matelot, mentioned that his shipmates usually realised he was gay (if I have understood correctly) by the fact that he drank Earl Grey tea, read The Guardian (better known as the Grauniad) and listened to classsical music!

I have to confess, barring the choice of tea - I prefer Oolong/Lapsang souchong/Assam orange pekoe - I too have read the Grauniad for well over 15 years and loved classical music since a child (a long, long, time ago), and YES, I too am gay. Perhaps Hegs is onto something - a brilliant discovery that's baffled scientists, even Richard Dawkins (no mean feat!) and he's in line for a Nobel Prize?

This survey is for all varieties of matelot/ex-matelot/civvy who answer YES to ALL of the following questions:-

Do you read the Guardian?
Do you like classical music?
Do you drink exotic teas/coffees?
I have read the Grauniad, but mainly for the amusement of seeing their typos.
I enjoy listening to classical music but only as part of the whole experience which include popular, jazz, folk and the bagpipes.
I dabble in exotic coffees but little can beat a proper Italian expresso

Now which category should I be placed in.



Never read the Gardian!

Both my wife and I drink not only Earl Grey, but it's sister tea Lady Grey, along with other strange ones like Chai, Cameron Highlands (a Malaysian tea) Chrysamthamum (????) flower etc.

Like Maxi music tastes run from Classical Folk, Country, Bagpipes and so on right through to heavy metal

So where the h~ll does that put me ????


I think I'll have a nice cup of Earl Grey, put the William Tell overature on the gramaphone and have a scrince at the Guardian - that should sort me out!
I think ill have a glass of Grouse,put some country music on and settle down with the Telegraph Crossword.So what am i?(guessing the replies,surprise me)
I admit to also liking jazz, some pop, folk music (as in Norwegian fiddle music which sounds similar to traditional Irish folk music). I also like reading the Times and FT, and have a deep appreciation of malts, especially Glenturret, Scapa and those from Islay: Port Ellen being my favourite (and sadly no longer distilled). Tastes just like refined creasote. Wonderful! :D


If you have your cock up another man's arse, you're gay.

Otherwise, it's all speculation.
Nice one, if you can look in another mans hairy asshole and find love then you are gay. Feck all to do with what tea you drink or what paper you read (unless it is the gay times)!
I am suprised that anyone would want to eat or drink after having a tool in their mouth.......
Ah but Blapto and Lingy, you're wrong, as a significant proportion of gay guys are NOT into buggery or gazing up any ******** or related pass-times. Just like not all straights are into the heterosexual act. :roll:

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