Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by BEHUK, Sep 8, 2014.

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  1. Alright there

    Just wondering if anyone knows which jobs have relatively short waiting lists? or the shortest to the longest on a scale if poss

    Kind regards,

  2. You alright Corporal?
    'The **** did you say?'
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  3. On a serious note, it would be highly unwise to make decisions about your career based on relatively tiny amounts of time. Do something you enjoy or you'll be a clunky hindrance to your team. I'm sure Ninja is perfectly capable of giving you that list, but it wouldn't be in your interest or the interests of the Service for you to know.
  4. I was looking at aircraft handler, but then I saw someone else about a month ago say it was a 24 month wait, but gonna pop into my local AFCO tomorrow and see a CA in there and see.
  5. If you want to be an aircraft handler, apply for aircraft handler. Forget the wait time. I'm applying for Warfare Specialist which is about two years as well but I'd rather wait two years for the job I want than 3 months for a job I'll be fed up of and not enjoy.
  6. Couldn't agree with the above more! I've been waiting almost 2 years for Warfare Specialist now. I've had my joining date, 2nd November and i couldn't be happier that i've waited for a job that i really want rather than just trying to get in ASAP. If that's what you want, join the army :) you'll be in within 2 months!
  7. Ok well I popped into the AFCO earlier and saw what my possibilities are. RAF regt gunner, Or Army, I think It will be Army tho, as I want to be more in the thick of it - in the action.
  8. Have you considered Royal Marines?
  9. Couldn't agree with the above more! I've been waiting almost 2 years for Warfare Specialist now. I
    I think you're just making a decision based on how long it takes to get in rather than what you actually want. Either way, your choice buddy :)
  10. RAF Gunners from what I've read and seen are very much in the thick of it. They're dropped in behind enemy lines on combat missions, similar to the parachute regiment in the Britsh army, and generally kick ass from what I can deduce. But again, it's your call mate.
  11. Is it Aprils fools day?

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  12. That's what I've seen mate. Whether it's true or not is beyond me, just relaying what I was told at AFCO/read/seen.
  13. RAF Regiment 'elite'???? WTF??!!!!


    I work on a base they are currently 'guarding'. A great deal of them are overweight and/or downgraded. Safeguard.

    At the end of the day, if you want to be infantry, elite and with brains, become a Royal Marine. If you don't care about the elite bit and are a bit less bright, join an actual infantry regiment in the army (Paras if you're a bit mental). However, if you have a penchant for stagging on at main gates or really want to guard RAF camps, and generally be laughed at by the rest of the Armed Forces (by the real infanteers/Marines especially so), then become a RAF Regt Gunner.
  14. 'Dropped behind enemy lines'? When?
  15. That's what the AFCO CA told me when I first went in to decide which route to take. Maybe they had a dip in RAF Gunner recruits that month, but I believed RAF Gunners are badass...largely because someone from the RAF told me about it and I saw no reason to doubt him.
    Do they infact suck ass and are only guards?
  16. They like to think of themselves as more than mere guards, but guarding is what they do. They used to have Rapier Missiles and were UK PLC's NBCD specialists, but they've lost those roles now.

    Edit: I'd rather join as a Steward in the RN (a branch I consider to be an anachronism and superfluous), than be in the RAF Reg (which I consider to also be superfluous).
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  17. Yes I did consider the Royal Marines.
  18. The RAF Regt mantra is "Barrier up, barrier down".
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  19. I'm not sure why anyone joins the RAF Regt with all this against them.

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