Alright... How do people get off, in the RN?

If it helps, I can provide you with the contact details of my taxidermist. I can assure you he could provide you with a very efficient and personal service.
I'd appreciate that - does it include happy ending? I always wanted to "smell of Westminster", so if you know any good colognes do tell !
Here you go - you'll be happy here...
So it was you in the bushes all these years... I knew I heard something ruffling.

I can't recommend that specific clinic sadly. It leads to all manner of sunburn and this makes me look distinctly Welsh, which is not good in racist England.
Fantastic. I'm so glad it supports Weight Management too, as I'm seriously obese and it's frankly a challenge when meeting girls, as I tend to just crush them upon impact. But such is life as a British woman.
you takin the piss & trying to funny, sizest twat
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