Discussion in 'Travel & The Great Outdoors' started by guestm, Mar 5, 2010.

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  1. Does anybody have any experience of any of their stuff? They seem to get fairly good reviews and are turbo cheap. Never seen any of their stuff first hand though.

    Edited to add link: ALPKIT
  2. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Not used it myself, but most locals out here use Norheim clothing - cheap as chips and hoofing kit in cold weather. Get it now; they will be this year's North Face very soon, so their prices will increase to meet the demand.... :thumbleft:
  3. Alpkit are awesome, and (relatively) cheap whilst giving the performance they advertise. I would have no quibbles in recommending them...even to you!
  4. Even to me? Does that mean you don't like me? Booooooooooooooooo! :wink:
  5. You wont go too far wrong with their kit mate. I know your also familiar with Haglofs which is good stuff but uber expensive!!!

    Hows the Quasar??
  6. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I'll be honest I've always shied away from cheap kit, I've been a lifelong user of Rab because given the prices the quality was beyond reproach, after having just bought a new Summit jacket last month for what I thought was a good price (£178 they normally retail for £220+) and looking at the Alpkit stuff I'm not sure anymore, the new Summit seems to be losing down through the pertex which I've never had a problem with before in either of my down jackets or sleeping bag... I note my old Rab stuff says Made in the UK, the new one says Made in China!

    I'd say given the prices and recommends on here Alpkit are worth a try, the Filo jacket at £75 is a bargain with a 700 90/10 goosed down fill however it doesn't have the added wear protection on shoulders and upper arms that the summit has (the reason I had to replace my Rab Glacier was that the pertex wore through at the shoulders from my climbing sack harness catching one of the seams)

    I'm not sure what kit you're looking at buying but a word of hard learned advice about down jackets, I really didn't want to replace my Rab Glacier because it was almost perfect with a 500+ fill, the new Summit I've just bought is too warm and I only ever wear it to walk to the pub, winter dog walking, general wear at home in the winter or around campsites - it has a 660 fill, I note the Filo has a 700+ fill and my feelings are that; other than waiting for buses in the middle of a Scottish winter, or proper Alpine use it's going to be too warm for any sort of activity.
  7. I have several RAB jackets aswell as one of summit series circa 2001 which was then made in Sheffield. I thought the down kit was still made there but perhaps in light of your problems with the new summit jacket I could be wrong.

    I see also that POD kit has been bought out by Equip if i'm correct which alas again surcumb to being made in China. Its a shame as my POD alpine sac is still bomber after 11 years of use!!
  8. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Now that could just turn out to be the tip of the week, I was only saying to my missus last week that I really needed a new day/ climbing sack and was thinking of getting a POD with the well tested add on of " yes I know they are expensive but it will probably last me for the rest of my life" which resulted in the expected nod which means funds have been made available. I wonder if that's still true? I might have to get googling for reviews on the Cragsack c2010.
  9. Quasars mint mate and is getting a weeks use in the Cairngorms the week after next. Unfortunately, Alpkit are out of stock on all their jackets, so I'll be taking my old yellow North Face Nuptse instead. I have bought one of Alpkits thermarest knock-offs though and some dry bags.
  10. Yeah dont quote me on it as Pete O' Donovan (P.O.D) sold the firm to Equip a while ago and there is no need for me to buy any of his kit as my alpine sac is bomber!! If the review turns out to be poop I suggest you look at "Crux" for all of your climbing sack needs.

    I was looking around for a winter climbing sack just after christmas and ended up with a Berghaus Arete which is alright and only cost me £30. I had major issues with their kit for a longtime but so far has stood up to the normal abuse associated with winter climbing!!!

    Monty i'm glad the Quasar is doing it for you as in my humble opinion its the best 4 season tent that has ever been made!!
  11. Watch the conditions there mate and check out the SAIS website for avalanche reports!!!

    I shall be up in Glencoe/fort Bill doing juicy routes on the Ben in the very near future!!! 8) 8)
  12. Weather's looking good mate, nothing too severe and no high winds forecast as yet. The only issue is I want to go NOW. Haven't been out on the hills since November and am itching to get my boots on.

    A small point on RAB jackets, I was looking at the RAB neutrino today in Snow and Rock and 2 of them were already losing their down. Really not something I had expected. I'm going to ring Alpkit on monday and find out when they are replenishing stock.
  13. The weather isn't the issue mate. There is alot of windslab around at the moment so as I said check out the S.A.I.S website or for info on current conditions.

    I'm saddened to hear that RAB has gone the way of the pear as it was always kit I spent the money on. Currently I own a summit jacket, Quantum synthetic jobby for belaying, Kinder smock circa 1998, vapour rise jacket for general use and a new polartec jobby whose name escapes me that is really good.

    Have a look at PHD stuff aswell mate as they seem to get a good write up!!
  14. Have done mate, Ben Avon is the destination and is looking ok at the moment.
  15. Cool and the gang!! i'll be doing some classic mixed routes on the Ben and Glencoe in April and cannot wait!!!
  16. I know, if I could live there I would.
  17. If it wasn't for the wife................ :roll:

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