Alone in the Wild,brave or not?

Discussion in 'Films, Music, TV & All Things Artsy' started by seafarer1939, Sep 28, 2009.

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  1. Can't really make my mind up about this bloke who after all, did spend 50 days in the Yukon alone.
    Speaking from my armchair with a can of Newkie Broon and a bag of liquorice allsorts to hand,I thought he was a bit untrained for it and bugger didn't he cry a lot!
    I'm not a weeper so I found it strange but I sort of admire him for doing it [well paid was he?]
    I think a few weeks Special Forces training would have helped him more,and if it was me I would have insisted on a guitar or if not allowed,a harmonica.
    It would have scared any bears off and music can cheer you up if lonely.Just my opinion,I probably would have cried for my mother after a fortnight,but I don't think so.
    Still thought he could have been a bit tougher,but I could be wrong about that,not worth a series though.
    Never spoke to the wife for 3 weeks and that passed OK no ill effects apart from no dinners!
  2. Seems a decent young man

    I feel he got what he went there find out about himself

    He had a lot of gear; guns/lecky fence etc; to discourage the thing he feared the most....the not so cuddly bears. He also had the knowledge that he could get out quite easily.

    We got to see the highs and lows of his experience. The bugs that were in his head nibbled away at him, maybe
  3. Linky?
  4. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I think he found out that he could cry a lot, and make stupid decisions about dragging all his kit around the Yukon instead of making himself as comfortable and secure as possible, reserving his energy, gathering food and using his time effectively. I actually found myself screaming at the TV at his persistant stupidity. For a cameraman he probably made a good cameraman, as a survivor he made a good victim and exceptional loser with a romantic view of living in the wild for an extended period. But that's just my view.
  5. I had some vested interest in the program, as I lived in Yukon for a bit. This dude was the whiniest git ever. I still haven't understood why Europeans are so scared of bears. After struggling to watch the entire first episode I decided that was enough.
  6. I have my teddy and I'm not that scared of it. Only in the dark :oops: :wink: :D

    Edited to say I see you moved from one wilderness to another 8O :D
  7. Are teddy bears dangerous then, or only in the wild? My teddy bear makes me giggle but is harnessed so I can toss him whenever the urge arises. Personally I think spiders and Christians are far more frightening. With bears you know if they attack you, it isn't personal. They see us as food in the same way we see pigs as tasty bacon sarnies, on legs! :drool:

    Crying is a normal, natural process through which the body can release chemicals, whose release leads to a calming effect. Crying is good for you, even though men are conditioned from childhood into believing that 'boys don't cry'. I'm sure Angrydoc can explain the physiological processes involved in plain English.
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  9. PMSL :laughing3:

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