Alone In The Dark

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by tomleecee, Jun 7, 2009.

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  1. Picked up Alone In The Dark for the 360 at the weekend for a few quid. Has anyone else played it? Is it just this copy, or is it the most glitch-ridden game ever?! Instant deaths, characters and items vanishing, instant system crashes...

    Just wondered if anyone else had experienced these problems with it.
  2. I experienced a problem with it..... I BOUGHT IT! Worst tenner ive ever spent!
  3. Would you by any chance be an anorack wearing WAFU ? :lol: or future WAFU ?
  4. Is it worth buying, its one of those games im in two minds about?
  5. no, not worth buying at all.
  6. Dont bother wasting your time with it. I guarentee you'll find it to be a load of crap!
  7. Erm, yep - I'm a wafu! :)
  8. Erm well how the ferkin hell did i geuss that your a Wafu, :wink:
  9. its a load of crap, try condemed on the 360

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