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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by simonjgriffithshr, Jan 9, 2008.

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  1. Having left Dartmouth during the summer I am ecstatic to say that I've almost joined your little club. Met with the SM at Vivid today and my papers are being sent through to ComMarRes, so, fingers crossed it'll just be a case of waiting to get confirmation.
  2. Another RNR officer oh goody I can't wait. Welcome to our little club, I am sure the chaps on active duty will be so glad that you have deemed yourself fit enough to join us. Let me get a damn rating to sort out your bags for you sir, and once again welcome to our little party we are so grateful that you could spare us your valuable time. Please let us know when you are actually in and I will ensure that all suitable honours are paid throughout the Fleet.

    I am Sir your Humble Servant

  3. I'll carry my own bags thank you very much.

    I find it rather snide that other posters are allowed to say that they're soon to start in the RNR or the RN and get a welcome, and a here's what to expect; and I get a sarcastic pile of drivvel.

    Ah well, I suppose you have a chip on the other shoulder about something too, always good to be well balanced, prevents neck ache...
  4. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Is this a Rupert Tiff or can we all watch?
  5. Good job Simon, now report to stores and get a sense of humour. :thumright:
  6. Oh dear Simon have I touched a nerve, shall I summons a Junior Rate to come and rub it better. Yes other posters have received a welcome but perhaps they were more deserving, your initial post was very patronising, the Royal Navy is not a little club that you can subscribe to for your thrills, it is a way of life, it is tradition and more importantly it is something I hold very dear to my heart. I have served for 25 years, had many good times and equally as many bad times, but I have made many good friends as well as losing friends who have died serving in what you refer to as a little club. Perhaps now you will realise my first post wasn't a cheap dig or god fobid drivel but more of a wake up call to you. If you want to serve as an Officer with the RN be aware of what you are taking on.
    To be sure Simon I have Chips on neither shoulder, I am just an old Matelot who values the tradition of the service and dislikes people who treat the RN as a boys club.
    And for the benefit of others I am a damn rating albeit a Senior one.
  7. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Step Back, Depth breathe, fcuked if I can spell it but whats this bollocks?
  8. Simon
    Welcome and I hope you will enjoy your time. A baptism of fire from the odd person, (officer, rating or whoever) just goes to prove we are an organisation that takes all comers. The key is, we trust they all have the service's aims at heart.
    Good luck, enjoy and don't worry about what some people say/write.
  9. Exactly what is your problem NFF.

    I dont see anything wrong with the original posts. Just someone who's very pleased at finally joining the RNR and would like to share thier joy.

    Take a chill pill.

    Welcome simon, from the JR's.
  10. Piss poor attitude for a Senior Rate - is that your idea of setting an example.
  11. Good luck mate...hope you fit in well, don't forget the SOH !!!!!! :thumright:
  12. I think it was the "little club" comment that did it. Certainly wound me up.

    That's all we need; another Officer, plus he's at Vivid, so that makes it twice as bad ;)
  13. You're too touchy. Give the guy a break for heavens sake.
  14. Kinnell is this the thread that pre menstrual matelots go!!
  15. I think the point has been made here. Feel free to take it offline any time you like.
  16. I think the point has been made here. Feel free to take it offline any time you like.
  17. Apologies to anyone who was upset by the 'little club' comment, I meant with tongue in cheek as a way of expressing how glad I was that I was almost back with people who have similar goals and beliefs. I know that the RN (and RNR) is more than that, more than just about anything - people devote their lives to serve the needs of a nation, and, unfortunately, sometimes lose their lives through their commitment to this devotion.

    Firstly, sorry for the slightly OTT response to your original post.

    A bit more information on me then. I am fully aware of the fantastic commitment of those in the RN and RNR. I have spent time (admittidly not a huge amount) in the RN, including a small amount of sea time, and whilst I take time out to study for a degree (Marine Studies (Navigation)) I do not want to lose my link to the Navy so wished to join the RNR, which I plan to serve as wholly as possible and with as much commitment and determination as I can muster.

    PS. If you could send someone along to rub that nerve better it would be great. ^~
  18. Makes ya proud doesn't it!

    I'm wellin' up! :crybaby:

  19. When I started my regular career at BRNC, just a tad longer than 25 years ago, Commander T started his welcoming adress in CJH by saying "Welcome to the Best Club in the World". (No I don't think he does the adverts for Carlsberg now.)I was not going to argue with him then and I won't start now.
    Yes I have known personnally people whos names are now on a big wall in Staffordshire. I also know of a man who died for his rugby club. That is what a club is. An association of people with like views and aims.

    NFF, To use frankly insulting comments towards some one, who has logged on using their name, as humour whilst hiding your true identity is pathetic.

    (By the way, you will find that the correct footing for a formal letter is "Obedient". The Service does require Obedience but never expects its People to be "Humble".)

    So welcome to the club, you can buy me a beer when we meet in the Wardroom!
  20. They say "never send an email when you are angry - sleep on it and send in the morning". I wonder if some contributions (valuable as they all are) would benefit from such action? (particularly when such a posting criticizes a well-meant and genuine posting.)
    I still say welcome to one of the best clubs in the world. Enjoy!

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