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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by buffersmate, Sep 8, 2007.

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  1. 1SL, 2SL and Cin C Fleet whilst in pensionable employment remain very quiet. They presumably have no views on the present shambles in Iraq and Afghanistan
    that they are prepared to share with us . We will have to wait a few more months until their pensions are assured and they safely retire, before we read their scathing comments on MOD et al in their memoirs. General Michael Jackson has recently done this and many recently before him.
    Heroes in the crowd?
    Make your own mind up. Admiral Alan West? He' s being paid a substantial salary in addition to his Admiral's pension to look after our---?
    I've just forgotten what he's being paid to protect us from . Whatever he's protecting us from I'm sure his salary is well worth it. Good man
  2. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Oh here we go again... 'Normansmate' either failed or was not selected for AIB, so he is now on a worldwide vendetta campaign in an attempt to ridicule Naval occifers. Time for Oxygen Thief status to be awarded, surely? :roll:
  3. Do you have a mind to make up? Or are you on something?
  4. Yeah because coming out publicly with a polemic against government policy while still in HM service is a fantastic idea isn't it? Think of the consequences.
  5. You wha?
    What the fukc is a Polemic. Is it one of those Russian missiles they had pointed at us? Or was that Polaris?
    Bloody hell it's confusing!!
  6. Got to confess, i agree with Norm on this one, It`s not often he talks sense but in this case, think about it.
  7. Thanks. So Polemic was one of those Russian missiles they had pointed against us. I said to my missus I thought so and she said she had heard of it.
    Thanks for putting us right.
  8. How can they bad mouth the people from which they take their orders? Would you go around a ship in a warzone telling the lads what an incompetent buffoon the skipper is?

    Either lead, follow, or stay out of the way.
  9. Normansmate was, actually, a Sir. Dwell on that. Engage brain before mouth is asked to respond.
  10. Wot a knight of the realm "Sir Normsmate"???????????????????

  11. Yep I didn't think it would be in the dictionary but obviously I was mistaken. Learn something new every day :hockey: :D
  12. I'm a sir too, they tell me so whenever I go into the bank. It's always "sir" this, and "sir" that.....
  13. I'm springing to attention.
  14. You've got it. Now mind your P's and Q's
  15. I always assumed the spelling was Cur :)

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