Allowed leave to go on Expedition?

I'm in need of some advice please:
I've been offered a deck apprenticeship (go me), but have a concern-
I've been trying (unsuccessfully) to get funding for a South Pole expedition off the ground for a few years now- but now funding may be on the horizon. It also may not though.
Does anyone know if there is any scope for being released to go do that (four months) while still being in the RFA- would they let me go and then take me back afterwards?
I know that the Navy/Marines etc are allowed to do these things, but wondering if the RFA has similar attitudes?
If this funding doesnt appear, I was kind of hoping that being in the R F A would potentially open some doors (and cheque books) to me.
To be clear- I absolutely see the R F A as my future and want to make a career of it, so want to be clear about my options before accepting the role.
N.B- I know you get plenty of time off- it's just that I can only go at very specific times.
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