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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by ditdahditdah, Oct 28, 2010.

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  1. The Deputy Rear Admiral Submarines, CDRE Westbrook MBE ADC RN, has asked me to post this on the forum.

    As a submarine community you will be aware there is a fundraising effort ongoing to raise funds to help preserve, for future generations, the Alliance Memorial. A proposal has been put forward to all serving submariners to donate one days submarine pay to the appeal which, judging from feedback, has been generally positive.

    I invite all submariners past, present and future, to make a voluntary contribution to the fund on 7 Nov, the day of the Submarine Embankment Memorial, by visiting the Submarine Museum website at and following the links to the “Just Giving†page, this will allow the appeal to benefit from gift aid and increase the worth of your contribution.

    Personal cheques may be made payable to “RN Submarine Museum – Alliance†and sent to the RN Submarine Museum, FREEPOST RSJA-TJSR-XRAT, Haslar Jetty Road, GOSPORT, PO12 2AS, but this will not, of course, attract gift aid.

    I believe that a donation will demonstrate a continued commitment between todays submarine force and our predecessors.

    Those of you who are no longer in receipt of Submarine pay may wish to know that current daily rates range from £12.12 to £26.66.

  2. Are you his bitch? Is posting on a forum site beneath him?
    Typical officer!! :D

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