Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by jlplev, May 11, 2010.

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  1. I have had my heart set on applying to the navy as a pilot. However, during my research I found that any asthma symptoms in the last 4 years will disqualify me from joining. I have had a cat/dog hair allergy for a few years, which led to me being prescribed an inhaler for wheezing. I never suffer any symptoms other than when around pets.
    Would they take a view that I am unlikely to be with a cat at sea or in a jet? Or would they take a much stricter view?

    Thanks. John (21 years old btw)
  2. I spoke to a guy in a similar position who was told that he had to wait 4 years from the time he last used an inhaler to start the application, but I'm not sure on the exact details of that case. Best bet is to get down t your AFCO and speak to the ACLO, Area Careers Liason Officer who should be able to give you a definite answer. If you can convince them it's an allergy and not hayfever, it may work in your advantage.
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Angrydoc will doubtless clarify the issue, but in the interim, so far as I'm aware the rules regarding Aircrew are much more stringent in that no history of asthma, asthma wheeze or prescriptions for asthma treatment can be accepted at any time due to the high potential for lung scarring.

    Then again, I'm not specifically qualified in this area & it's probably best to hear the definitive answer of someone that is.
  4. Surely hay fever is an allergy?
  5. I guess you're right, silly statement by me...
  6. ironic that when reading this there was an advert at the top of the page for hayfever allergy tablets lol
  7. learn something new everyday.. thank you jimbo :)
  8. It doesn't work that well. Whenever any of you lot write 'hoofing' I don't get adverts for Equine *******.
  9. what if we start a thread on quifing ? love to see the advert on that!

  10. There's something on some threads which triggers an advert for "Gay Military Dating" - I see that ad at the top quite often.
  11. Never seen that Sol, but I'm going to guess you just triggered some more...
  12. When ever someone mentions a Pongo there's a man advertising handbags :lol:
  13. I am applying for aircrew. i am allergic to cats. any allergy is classed as asthma. when i had my medical the doctor said it would be fine. because i didnt use inhalers for the allergy, and because i didnt use them and was not dependant on them for any time of my life. so you should be ok
  14. That's a bit freaky 8O There's the old allergy ads up now.

    I'm going to have a look at what comes up on the dirty words thread now! :lol:

    Hope everything works out for you!
  15. So being prescribed an inhaler at ANY TIME is an automatic bar for life?
  16. For Aircrew apparently. Wait out for AngryDocs comments.
  17. not really ... i was prescribed a inhaler when i was about 5, the doc just gave a lung capacity sheet to fill in for a month i sent it back and everything was fine!
  18. You are not going for Pilot though mucker.
  19. yer sorry just talking about my own experience ... there has been about 20 different topics in one thread i dont know my ******** from my elbow in here anymore!
  20. There's a lot of crap being spouted on this thread. Guys - if you don't know the answer then don't bother confusing things further. "Any allergy is classed as asthma" is particularly good - never heard that one before. Utter tripe.

    Anyway - bronchial asthma is a bar to entry as aircrew. If you were a wheezy kid but haven't used an inhaler since the age of 4 or so then there isn't a problem. If you were given an inhaler after a chest infection but haven't used it for 4 years then there isn't a problem (unless your application is to aircrew, in which case there is a problem). If you get wheezy on contact with animals (and only animals) then there isn't a problem from a lung point of view, but I'd want to know a bit more about what happens when you are in contact with other things people are commonly allergic to. Also, I would like to know what treatment has been used and if you have needed to take time off work because of the problem (either hayfever or allergy).

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