Alleged Faslane Sailors rampaging through Helensburgh


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The perils of video camera's everywhere and alcohol just don't mix. Looked like a normal night in the imps back in the day.
I remember all sailors being confined to the base when the locals had a spree of attacking sailors.

Imps, Granary, Grays used to be the order of things. Followed by an overcharged taxi ride back to base.


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And in other news, Union St RN&RM knitting club holds bring and buy sale. Dogshit City matelots stick to soft drinks.

Good old Record, you can always depend on an impartial view-point. And as for Brendan.......

And seriously, 2 clips, no shit, safeguard, BIBS (Buddies In Boats) centred in the Ashton in Helensburgh, raises over 15 grand for charity. Now you didn't read THAT in the twatting Record, did you?
No, of course no good news stories in the Record. Sensationalist headlines that detract from all the good work done by others. Of course the MP/MSP would get in on the act as they hate the UK armed forces and our deterrent in particular.

Would be nice to see them all dripping like septic ars**oles by moving all the submarines down to England/Wales. Well its what they want so they could hardly complain.


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I have viewed the video and all I see from very selective clips is a couple of drunks who could be anyone(civvy or matelot) be prevented from brawling by the others present. I suspect similar footage could be viewed from many town centre pubs anywhere in the country.


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Anybody old enough to remember 'Beach Ya Bas' a 'gang' of losers in the Burg in the 70s who used to target Jack.

I'm from the Burg and I'd laugh my knob off if the Mob eventually left - the economy, such as it is would collapse overnight. And not just in the town, but MUCH further afield.

Helensburgh is now run/controlled by Argyll and Bute Council from Lochgilphead - any of you ever even HEARD of Lochgilphead, let alone been there? No, thought not!

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It's much the same in any coastal town which depended upon it's indigenous Naval fraternity. Pompey, Guzz, Dunfs, they'd all collapse under their own mass like a black hole if the mob suddenly fucked off. Look what happened to Chatham in the 1980s.

The local rags hate us because we are there and make great column inches for the local population, who in turn barely tolerate us because we are there.

We just exist.