allegations on leaked e mails

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by jesse, Apr 12, 2009.

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  1. Anybody know the content of the leaked e mails causing all the fuss for Broon? Will we ever know? Or will the D notice emerge?
  2. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Anyone care?! :roll:
  4. The whole barrel of stinking fish that is Westminster needs changing, starting with Gorbals Mick.
  5. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Have a look at the Guido Fawkes blog - I think there are fragments at least there.
  6. I think that the question we should be asking is:

    How come the Prime Minister of Great Britain has promoted a man of such limited intelligence to a position of an advisor?
  7. One would rather watch paint dry.

    Bunch of money grabbing herberts.(Im being polite as its Easter Sunday)
  8. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Because this is DEMOCRACY!

    See also: why is Mandelson still trusted with the levers of power, when he's been exposed as less than trustworthy?

    Hey. You vote them in ... and as members of the Armed Forces, you're supposed to give them unyeilding loyalty ...


  9. Well two statements neither exactly correct. The Majority of the population did not vote them in but as the UK has a first past the post system they gained more seats than any other party at the last election. Now Proportional Representation would give the party with most votes power but has its own problems.

    The Armed Forces do not have to give them, HMQ or any other person unyeilding loyalty. Just obey LAWFULL ORDERS no more no less.

  10. Well it is now quite clear that not only has Gordon not brtoken the cycle of boom and bustn as he told us a short time ago, though he clearly in his view has nothing to appologise anout there, he has not either given us a goverment free of spin as he also promised, not only that he promoted an arch spinner into a position of considerable influence, and it would appear tried to protect hin when he was found out.

    May be it wasn't worth paying Quick to try to take the heat of them last week.

    Edited to add Guido as one might expect is having a field day.
  11. Apart from the news people in London who actually cares anything about this none story.
    Does it make my life any different that somebody sent a email that says Joe blogs is a bad man?

    the only people who even want to listen all about this are the professional politicians them selfs as it take up space on news broadcast and newspapers so other thing that really do affect people can go through without being noticed like another few thousand jobs lost at a local factory as it shuts down as the bank called in its loans.
  12. Oops we are once again being cought up in Gordon's non spinning spin.

    Trying to make it look as if this was all private correspondance and not in the public domain, well blogs ae public and very public, and the nature of the communications made it quite clear the intention was to get this stuff into the mainstream press.

    Why wiell just look at the press Gordon's lot have had over the last few weeks, not good. How does Gordon deal with this, not by trying to cure the sickness within his own cabinet, no his undercover hatchet man tries to spread rumours about key oposoition MPs to try and get the press chasing them rather than Gordon and his mates.

    So all in all it is not a non story, rather it is an important story showing justy how far Gordon will go to keep his position aat the feeding trough.
  13. I'm also betting that this nobber has been allowed to resign and has not 'quit' as the papers say.

    There are no words that can convince me that Brown did not know anything about it, he probably sanctioned it. He is the worlds biggest one-eyed liar.
  14. Kinda tells you everything you really need to know about our wonderful PM.

  15. How many nails does this mans coffin need FFS !
  16. Gord has now sent letters to all the maligned parties to say he regrets the emails being sent and that his right -hand man cum spindoctor was working alone without anyone elses knowlege in Downing Street.This is still not an apology despite the fact that McBride was his chosen lieutenent to do his bidding in his office.Brown was in charge at the time of the alleged misdeads therefore the buck stops with him and he must apologise.McBride is now painted as a "loose cannon" an "out of control maverick" so much for Brown's judgement when it comes to picking members of his own staff.All the incriminating evidence will have been burned by now but I for one think the whole of Downing Street were up to their necks in this scheme and the"nothing to do with me guv" attitude will not wash.
  17. Considering Mr Brown's lack of responsibility for anything that happens, perhaps we would get on better without a PM at all. Alternatively we could see if we could find one that could accept responsibility for what is done on his watch in his name.
  18. Because his real name is not McShite but Lewensky and blows the one eyed toad.
  19. Well he has certainly blown Mr Browns creditiability, what ever else is in Mr Browns words unsubstantiated.

  20. no this is a none story . its not none spin its just that this government is out of ideas like all governments that have been in power to long no matter what party it is and so the papers and those with other agendas are making hay with a story the if it was the other way around would not be reported. What we need in this country is a system or fixed turn elections smilier to the us system so threre is none of this electioneering for years until somebody forces one such as what is going on at the moment with all these "high level" leaks etc.
    If this was not such a story they way did a website blog supposedly on the labour party side make these emails public?

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