All warships at Plymouth moving to Portsmouth

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by willsonline, Apr 15, 2009.

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  1. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    What an outstanding recruitment device. Well done, The Royal Navy! The, erm, small problem of manning Guzz ships already manned by Guzz ratings who aren't too keen on driving 186 miles there and back each weekend (when they can get a warrant) remains unresolved, mind. But hey - I suppose Pompey Waterfront can find enough spare manpower to crew 'em up at the speed of naval gunfire, eh?

    *rattles empty tin*

    Outstandingly stupid, in my opinion. Expect to see 3 basin filled with Type 23s and 22s with dehumidifier pipes all over the deck and the usual tissue of lies that they are 'extended readiness' (stripped clean for spare parts).

    Oh, and Guzz dockyard pared down to just Weston Mill with the refit sheds turned into flats.

  2. just saw this on bbc south west news - this will be a big kick in the teeth for guzz - will have to wait and see if there is any trade off here of work promises comming ths way - will be pi55ed off it happens - pompey is a 5hit hole!!

    ian beale

    guzz frigate rating
  3. Well i can see a Tory govt putting Guzz out of its misery when they get in. Why drag this out?

    ...Does this not leave questions hanging over FOST too?
  4. FOST moving back to Portland, remember where you heard it first.
  5. Would be a shame for Guzz. However it wouldn't surprise me not enough ships in the fleet anymore to keep both open at the same level they used to. One had to go
  6. Sorry only thing to say if TO**ERS. It isnt worthy of a sensible comment
  7. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    It's not a case of not having enough ships and one having to go. It's a huge cost-cutting exercise that has manifested itself out of the Dreadnought fiasco - namely playing one unfortunate naval dockyard off against another in a muskets-at-dawn shootout. The mere fact that Naval HQ has migrated to Portsmouth waterfront kinda gives you a clue as to who the winners were going to be - despite all the grey clouds and 'you must cut back more' threats to Pompey. I feel sorry for both parties - for Guzz, because it sees the end of a great Naval tradition and sound strategic placement and for Pompey because they hardly have the manpower these days to FTSP and RP their own clutch of disasters, let alone any more. Like I say, to stave off this (because lets face it, any cash saved to alleviate Gordon Brown's financial incompetence won't be redirected to Pompey) you'll see loads of T23s and T22s rafted up in 3 basin with FSL staff providing fire watch. Meanwhile it will be back-to-back deployments for the remainder and STOROBs aplenty from these 'ER' hulks.

  8. This is an old proposal from a few months ago, it appears as if it has now been accepted.

    Refits LOL at Guzz and FOST, the FTSP all to be at Pompey.

    And as there are more Non pref ships company from pompey on guzz ships, it makes manpower sense also.
  9. Eggs and baskets?

    Clear, secure and easy access to the open seas being something Portsmouth is ideally placed for, of course.

    So sod you, Plymouth.

    Of course, having shrunk the fleet to a token force, the capacity and opportunity to restore it is quitly closed off.
  10. A great shame - if this is true and not just another Government "leak".
  11. So will guzz just limp on with visiting ships/boats when the T-boats go?
    It would be political suicide for any government to finish it off completely, the regional effects would be quite severe I would imagine.
  12. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    And your source for that FACT is?
  13. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Phone call to Drafty, about a week and a half ago suit you?

  14. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Are you posting under 2 names now? Whose Drafty was it then, as it's something I find hard to believe for all branches and rates. (Trying hard to think of any Pompey based SR's on my last ship, can't do it, certainly not CPO/WO2).
  15. It's just pants all round!!
    As a sun dodger I have accepted the inevitable that I'll eventually be going North (where they're gonna put all the T, V and the new Astute class
    I don't know as there's no room up there!!) But have the Government really thought about the bigger picture here and not just the financial aspect of it?
    I live on a married patch surrounded by probably 100+ families, most with kids that go to local schools and that's not including the other 6 or 7 patches in the area. Then there's the men and women that live in their own homes in and around Plymouth.
    Most people have created a life in Guzz over many years and although those of us serving have no choice about where we go, our families do.
    I can see one of two things happening:

    Divorce rates will go through the roof over a prolonged period due to only coming home the odd weekend


    There will be a massive influx of people putting their notice in that simply don't want to live in Pompey.

    Whatever happens it's inevitable that thousands of mob personnel and civilians alike are going to have a bad outcome! :(
  16. I can't believe that Guzz may get shut down....Next you'll be telling me that the navy base in Scapa Flow is no longer in use :?
  17. This makes no real sense; the duty buzz when the base review was happening was that Pompey was more likely to be shut (for a whole host of reasons). I would note the fact that PR09 has started, hence the silly season on defence related leaks - this, manning for Scottish Regiments, etc - and I'm sure we'll see more over the coming weeks.

    I'm saying this hopefully, as my JPA Preferences has me down for Guzz!!!
  18. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Agree with you that it's a disaster all round, not just for Guzz rates, but for the whole region. This is a massive blow to a region that is far from being the wealthiest in the country.

    PS- Nice avatar mate! Allez, allez, allez! :D Are you going to Brizzle on Sunday?
  19. Aren't they moving other units into the Dockyard...sorry Naval Base. RM assets?

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