All three 'Dockyard' teams in the sh*te.........


Lantern Swinger
Bad times indeed for Pompey, Argyle and Dunfermline Athletic, the three teams closest to the dockyards (ok Rosyth is refits/building only) Have spent many an afternoon as a Pompey, Guzz or Rosythrating over the years at either East End, Home Park or Fratton and sad to see all three are deep in the brown stuff. Pompey bottom, Argyle in danger of falling through the trapdoor of league footballand the Pars in serious danger of folding before the end of the season ( players and staff not payed on time or only payed a fifth of their wages and a strike being threatened that will result in point deductions and other possible punishments). Not to long back Plymouth were in their highest position in history, Portsmouth were winning an FA cup and beating top sides in the premier league at home on a pretty regular basis while Dunfermline were in the SPL and visited Hampden for 4 major cup finals in the last decade. Sad to see (Not obviously if you follow Southampton, Exeter, Falkirkor Raith Rovers in which case you will be laughing your cock off)
As an Argyle fan, it's sad to say but the club and crap plymouthians who would rather follow the current premiership leaders are completely to blame.
In fact I'm currently in a pub watching the N. London derby with about 30 Janner gooners and 30 janner Yids. ***** the lot of em.


Lantern Swinger
Totally agree Mac. The wife is a Dunfermline supporter and went with her to the last Cup Final appearance against Celtic. Weren't embarrased but still lost. The most galling thing was returning to Dunfermline (after taking nearly 20.000 supporters through to Glasgow) and having to watch folk parading up and down the High Street in Celtic tops joyously celebrating their home towns defeat in broad Fife accents.
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