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all those people with eyesight problems...


well, this is going to sound like a scam cure that i made up, but it worked for me.

1 year ago i had my eyes tested, and my uncorrected vision was this:

left eye 6/48
right eye 6/6

when i started thinking of joining the marines, i realised that this was enough to get in, but it did limit the specialisations a bit.

not to mention ******* around with defence glasses etc

i got my eyesight tested yesterday, and this is my current sight:

left eye 6/19
right eye 6/4

the optician said this was incredibly rare at my age, to have any improvement, let alone nearly twice better.

for those of you who think "ok, so your eye just changed as you grew",
my perscription had showed minimal change (got slightly worse) for two years, so it would be strange for my eye not to grow for 2 years, and then suddenly in the space of a year it gets amazingly better.

what i did was something that my mums partner suggested to me.
he said that if you exercise your eyes, you can improve your vision.
really simple stuff.

if you wear vision correction, try not to wear it all the time, (assuming you have stable vision, and are not piss blind). if you do, your brain thinks your eyes are perfectly fine, so keeps them the same (it doesnt know your wearing contacts does it?)

the exercises i did wear these.

1) hold a pencil, close one eye, focus on the tip with the other eye, and move it away from you as far as you can, keeping focus on the tip. once you reach arms length, bring it back, until its a few cm from your eye.
keep focusing on the tip all the time. repeat with the other eye

2) find an object across the room thats a bit blurry. put your finger infront of your face, at about half arms length, so that its a bit in front of the object (a chest of drawers or something is good). make sure whatever it is, is still visible either side of your finger.
then simply focus on your finger for a bit, then switch and focus on the distant object.

i asked my optician about this, and he said it hasnt been proved or disproved, and that some people think it does improve vision.
he said that short sightedness is because your eye focuses to close, so you get multiple visions of the object, hence it is blurry.

the idea behind this, is that what makes your eye focus is muscles. just like any muscle, you can make it stronger.

supposedly, you can make your eye muscles stronger, and it will adapt how it focus' so you get a clearer picture.

im not saying this will work for eveyone, but hey, what have you got to lose?
its not like you have to pay me anything.

if your vision improves because of this, i am not aware of any naval regulation barring you from entry.
just my two pence, anyway.
i agree I was given glasses as a child even thou i could see fine but somethings things went blurry! i didnt wear them later the hospital gave me the exersize you mention with the pencil and sorted all my problems i have no issues with eye sight now.

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