All the nice girls love a sailor

Couple of dits from JWs book of the branch in the RN develops a more embittered view of life, or a more cynical temperament than that of the communications branch :grin: The signalman secret conviction ,was that nobody had taken any notice, of anything he had ever said. He promised himself that one day,he would put his conviction to the test!!!, That day had now come:neutral: when coming along side for the last time. Port and Starboard screws dropped right of Sir!!!!! Very good said the Skipper. The signalman gasped with glee...Got'im!! Signalman !!! said the Captain 'SIR'.. I know you have been bursting to say something like that the whole commission. Let me assure you, I do notice what you say even though I may forget to acknowledge it. Thank you for your assistance for the last 18 months. The signalman blushed remorsefully:grin:
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