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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by oscar_the_grouch, Apr 19, 2010.

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  1. oscar_the_grouch

    oscar_the_grouch New member


    To all you smokers, I have recently quit smoking (6 weeks tomorrow) and feel fantastic only slight cravings (which went after a week) and none of the usual 'Im going to fcuking kill someone if I dont have a fag' depression you normally get. This is no small part to an amazing book I read called Allen Carrs - The easy way to stop smoking. If you hoping to join read it. It works!

    The link to amazon is below £4.50 which is a quid cheaper than a pack of twenty!
  2. oscar_the_grouch

    oscar_the_grouch New member

    By the way Im not Allen Carr, just a very satisfied customer.

    Also its not this massive twat -

  3. Oscar,

    :?: Give me your:


  4. whitemouse

    whitemouse Supporters - GCM

    Not any use advising that it takes up to ten years to finally get it out of the system then ?
  5. oscar_the_grouch

    oscar_the_grouch New member

    Get what out of your system?
  6. tommo

    tommo War Hero

    I just stopped smoking didn't cost me a penny! Not smoked now since 3rd of August.

    No gimics
  7. oscar_the_grouch

    oscar_the_grouch New member

    Its great isnt it?

    The book isnt really a gimic though, it just dispells a lot of myths about smoking. I had tried a lot of different methods but ultimately it was just stopping smoking and getting my head around the fact that I didnt actually need fags.
  8. tommo

    tommo War Hero

    The only way to give up smoking is to actually want to. It was the right time for me and so I did. If you really want to stop then do it. Getting patches and stuff isn't stopping, in my opinion is just a form of excuse to not really wanting to.
  9. whitemouse

    whitemouse Supporters - GCM

    The urge to smoke !!
    Then you morph into one of those people that absolutely detest smoke and smokers !

  10. IS-Potential

    IS-Potential Badgeman

    It worked for my old man as well, and he was seriously dubious that it would work and the point of giving up. Previously he had only lasted 3 years off the weed tops with major cravings the whole time, now he has been stopped for well over 5 (had one small relapse at a new job where everyone smoked, but stopped again within a couple of months as he was hacked off that he started again) and says he doesnt miss it at all.

    He lent it to a few workmates who also have managed to stay off the evil weed as well.

    So best fiver I have ever spent.
  11. oscar_the_grouch

    oscar_the_grouch New member

    Seriously, I dont feel that way at all I have not had one bad craving yet and the way you describe is through willpower anyway the book doesnt use the willpower method. At £4.50 you cant go wrong even if you just it out of curiosity. Have you read the hundreds of 5 star reviews on amazon by any chance?

    Im not one of these holier than thou ex smokers either. I just thought I would pass this on as it helped be a lot and the only reason I brought it was due to my doctor recomending it
  12. bigglesbandicoot

    bigglesbandicoot War Hero

    I have to thank the NHS for me giving up smoking. I went to the docs about 5 years ago to ask for patches, After a speach about how glad he was I wanted to quit. He told me that I could not have patches without going to smoking cessation classes.

    Typicaly these were on weekdays and within office hours. Not ideal when you have just started a new job. I explained that I could not really do that, but he still would not give me the patches.

    So pretty much stood up and said fcuk you Doc I'll do it my self. And havent smoked a single cigarette sice.
  13. whitemouse

    whitemouse Supporters - GCM

    Yet !! :p

    On the serious note, I have met a few ex-smokers (my ex was one) and to a person - ( PC see !! ;) ) all have been vehemently anti smoking and smokers.
    Mrs WM (the current one) is a reformed smoker, and she also can't stand the smoke trailing from people's mouths as they walk the streets.
    IMHO the worst thing about smokers, is the litter on the ground outside in the street - but thats down to the knee-jerk reaction of the Stasi in power at this moment.

    I tried the dreaded coffin nail myself at one time, but thankfully after waking up on following mornings with a mouth like a camel's jockstrap, it put me off for life.

    If you do succeed, and I wish you well, you'll probably save oodles of cash .... ready for the tax increases to come ...... :lol:
  14. gingerninja

    gingerninja New member

    I used Allan carr's easy way to stop smoking too. The man's a genius theres no BS or gimmick, just common sense.
  15. Montigny-La-Palisse

    Montigny-La-Palisse War Hero Moderator

    Poofs. If you stop smoking you turn into Allan Carr, FACT.

    More fags for me then, fucking quitters.
  16. WreckerL

    WreckerL War Hero

    I didn't buy it 'cos I thought he was that squeaky voiced snapper of a comedian. Used the money to buy some cigars instead.
  17. Rumrat

    Rumrat War Hero

    Friggin hell Whitemouse, you're a bit cynical there.
    I have not smoked for 4 years, have no cravings whatsoever, and do not foresee me ever smoking again.
    I have smokers in this house(well garden as no one smokes indoors) and the smell of the smoke neither upsets me or makes me crave.
    I did not stop smoking because I wanted to, and was on 60 untipped a day, sometimes more if I was stressed.
    And as an ex smoker, I know that those who smoke(that I mix with) are intelligent enough to know that the weed is so not good for them, they don't need me nagging at them. :) :wink:
  18. WreckerL

    WreckerL War Hero

    You'll soon smoke when we light that fire under you :wink:
  19. Rumrat

    Rumrat War Hero

    Do YOU want to smoke ME Wrecks? :oops: :D
    I am a player, but you will need to bring lots of gold leaf to suck my nub.
    You fag :D :roll: :wink:
    I live at number 6, park drive, just by the embassy in pall mall.
    And I was Senior Service :wink:
  20. WreckerL

    WreckerL War Hero

    I'll turn up with the Guards, they'll be in No 10's and I'll be in No 6's. I take it the address on the door is John Player (Speshul). There'll be a couple of chav's as well, Mr Lambert and Mr Butler.

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