All Logged Out - Sorry for the inconvenience

Ah thats why I had to log in, as a side issue it also made me subject to the advert pox which made logging back in rather totuous to say the least. Please can we get shot of that advert.
Ninja_Stoker said:
Not that anyone's interested, but it's actually IE6 - ooh, there's posh, boyo.
I am using IE6 at work and Safari at home and on my iPhone G3.... but the same thing appears on both.... it's opaque initially then goes transparent.
Thanks for the feedback folks. The banner is now fixed and nicely out of the way in spare white space. My fault for not testing in all browsers.

Tartan Army Sailor, the ads are what pays for the site so I'd prefer people did see them! They're not, normally at least, at all intrusive on RR.

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