All dressed up and nowhere to go

BNP leader Nick Griffin has been denied entry to a Buckingham Palace garden party over claims he "overtly" used his invitation for political purposes.

Before the ban was imposed Mr Griffin, an MEP for North West England, described the Buckingham Palace invitation on the BNP website as a "highly symbolic breakthrough" for the party and e-mailed supporters asking for questions they would like him to ask the Queen.

BBC News:

Spot on decision as I would not have let him in to my garden party either, dressed in trousers that must have been made for the jolly green giant, I mean did you see them. :lol:
I heard yer man Griffin's encounter with yer man Tatchell on Radio 4 yesterday. I thought dear Peter sounded a bit hysterical; until I saw the video attachment on

A picture is worth a thousand words? In a later interview, big Nick said that courageous (yes, he did describe him as that) Peter was shouting inches from his face. If that's his dimensional judgement, he must have an enomous willy!


Ninja Stoker No worries; I guessed that one would get "Twigged" early so I pre-empted the likely mooring.
I rather like Peter Tatchell as he always manages to get in there and get his point of view across. I was surprised that Griffin did not trip over his elongated trousers when descending the marble staircase, shame.

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