All compartments check for leaks.

(Some Basin Trial Photographs)

The Royal Navy’s newest and most advanced nuclear submarine, Astute, is taking her first dive for an underwater test of her systems.

The ‘Trim and Basin Dive’ is taking place in Devonshire Dock, Barrow, over two days, and involves submerging Astute
in a dive hole large enough for the 100M-long, 7400 tonne boat.
The dive is the first time that the submarine has been fully
submerged, and provides the opportunity to test the submarine’s underwater stability and systems.

25 of her crew are on board alongside BAE Systems technicians
to carry out the tests. Tests include trials of various boat systems
and equipment including the mechanism that releases an emergency buoy, the emergency escape tower, and various hydraulics and
electrical systems.

Lord Drayson, Minister for Defence Equipment and Support, said:

“This is an important step on the road to preparing Astute for service. These submarines are hugely impressive vessels, and will provide
the Royal Navy with a world class capability.â€

After completing the dive, Astute will be docked and taken back into Devonshire Dock Hall. The next stage will be to calculate her
stability, weight and buoyancy.
That's a hell of a wide fin, I wonder what other goodies they've been and stashed away in it! Quite a bit of the gear for operating non penetrating masts I expect.
I'd love to serve on hull number three....they've usually sorted out all the niggly problems by then and all the world and his horse will have crawled all over one and two and be fed up with it! :thumright:
Remember when Cachalot did her basin dive in Guzz in the 60's. Those of us left inboard to "muster the spare gear etc" thought this would be an ideal opportunity to "muster the spare gear" in the boozer just across the road outside St.Levans Gate (memory fades!)

This would have worked brilliantly, had the skipper not decided to have an all-round look, and spot his mottley crew entering said establishment!

Cost us all a few wets to get away with that one!
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