All Change on EU Defence Integration?

|I read a part of that as a dig at those countries that are happy to be in NATO but not too quick in supplying assets when NATO is called upon to act.
Sharing assets with the French (or anyone else for that matter) is not the same thing as replacing NATO with a separate EU defence capability and I completely agree with Liam Fox on the need to keep the US engaged in Europe and not wander down the road of "Europe can look after itself" because it can't and won't.


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A reversal of the Blair policy where we would only be able to go into a naval war as part of Europe but would be the top dog with the key assets. Set up by Blair as part of his (failed) play to become President of Europe, a bribe actually. The Us will be all smiley polite about our new carrier with minuscule air group but we shall be a nice-to-have, not really essential. As as made blisteringly clear when we wobbled over GW2, and indeed by Ernie King decades earlier. The 'sharing' with the French only applies when both countries agree on an objective.

A 21st century aircraft Carroer is the USS Gerald Ford, anything less is a joke. Actually we handed over the baton in 1942.

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